mother’s day

Remy Floral Outfit - 5

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”

– Robert Browning

Remy Floral Outfit - 9This Sunday, we will be celebrating my first Mother’s Day. I’m so blessed to have become a mum to such a sweet little girl this year.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! For those of you who were in need of some spectacular gift ideas, click this link.



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  1. Gorgeous baby, love her outfit. Happy late mother’s day! 💖

  2. Oh, what a beauty! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Cheers!

  3. Happy first Mothers Day!

  4. She’s perfect. Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. So cute! Happy Mother’s Day :)

  6. Enjoy your first Mother’s Day as a mummy! She’s such a beauty

  7. Happy Mothers Day to you :-)

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to you Emory!!!! xx

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