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Holly's Quilt - 5People have asked me in the past why I have a blog. If nothing else, it has been a great way to meet new and amazing people.

Holly's Quilt - 3In 2014 I wrote about how we could all use a good friend in our lives. The person that I was referring to was Holly from Noisette. She has been such a sweet and genuine presence in my life, albeit in an online and snail mail kind of way. Now, she has even reached out to little Remy! For that, I am so grateful.

Holly's Quilt - 9Holly's Quilt - 7We recently received this beautiful quilt in the mail from Holly. Every square inch of it is just so beautiful. From the colours to the prints, I am in love with every square inch of it. The back of the quilt even has the most whimsical rabbit pattern. Remy’s favourite toys so far have been her plush bunny toys. How she nailed both of our tastes so exquisitely I’ll never know. But it’s absolutely perfect.

Holly's Quilt - 4This is the first quilt that we’ve gotten as a gift. Remy has received the cutest supply of hand sewn blankets from her grandma, swaddling blankets from her Gigi, used blankets from her real aunt and cousins, and a crocheted blanket from her not-so-real aunt (my friend). They are, by far, my favourite gift to receive on her behalf. We always end up using several of them throughout the day. Also, who wouldn’t want to be kept warm and snuggly? I find them to be such a wonderful baby present.

Holly's Quilt - 8Happy Victoria Day, Canadians! Have a magnificent week, everyone. I’ll see you again on Thursday.



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  1. Aww so cute xx

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  2. Jordan Keller

     /  05/30/2016

    That last picture of Remy where she is looking up at the camera is beautiful! What eyes!


  3. Very special indeed Emory!!!

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  4. Aw, thank you Emory, your words are always so lovely. Remy looks absolutely adorable and pretty comfy <3 even if I do say so myself haha!

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  5. gjkool

     /  05/23/2016

    Thanks again Holly for such a beautiful gift. Out little girl is very blessed and lucky. I know she will keep this item her whole life. Thanks again.

    Em, these photos are incredible! Remy is too cute!!

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  6. Hello chubby cheeked baby!

    What a lovely gift from a lovely friend! Beautiful
    Blanket. Lucky little Remy has an array to keep her warm and comfy.

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