3 months

Remy 3 Months - 2Yesterday Remy turned 3 months old. She has grown so much from last month. These are her recent milestones.

– She loves books and will let us read to her for hours on end 
– Still sleeps 12 hours and only wakes up once or twice to feed
– Has discovered and loves chewing on her hands
– Sticks out her tongue when we stick out ours
– Can hold her head up for long periods of time and now sits in a Bumbo chair
– Reaches for, grabs, and holds onto her toys
– Has discovered her toes
– Loves napping on mum or dad 
– Tries to pull herself up
– Smiles and talks all day long (when she’s not feeding)

Remy 3 Months - 9I wonder how she will change yet again in one month’s time. I hope it won’t be too drastic. She’s so serious, but so silly at the same time. I look forward to spending my days with her, as she makes me laugh all day long. I really love the little person that she is now. Happy 3 months, my love!



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  1. Gorgeous girl! Happy 3 months! Also, 12 hours of sleep! Ah! I look forward to those days! :)

  2. So, so, sweet Emory!

  3. The bonnet. It’s that bonnet that makes me laugh every time. She just resembles a prairie girl! I love that you love her.

    • Oh I love her bonnet! It makes her look like such a little girl. I think she needs a break from it though. I’ll have to buy her more just so she has a bigger variety. Also, more for you to laugh at.

  4. Emory she is so precious! Good idea documenting each month, I wish I would’ve thought of that! Of course my daughter’s are in their 30’s! lol! Love reading your blog when I get the chance! Take care!

    • Haha, maybe start doing it in their 30s? Kidding … ;-)

      Glad you wandered over to my blog! Thanks for the comment!

  5. I can’t believe that she’s three months old already!!! Those photos are amazing <3

    • Thanks Holly!

      My husband also thinks that time is flying by with her. She hasn’t left my sight for more than 2 hours since she was born, so I have a different take on it. ;-) However, it’s been three incredible, life-changing months. I wouldn’t give them up for anything.

  • Welcome, friends! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of two (one earthside and one with the angels), and an animal rescuer. This is our life on the Canadian prairies.
    email: helloscarlettblog@outlook.com

  • I was intending for this video to only be in my stories. After watching it again and again, I decided to post it in my feed as well. I wish to never forget moments like these. Remy’s typical game of asking to go in her crib only to throw everything out of it and pretend to go to sleep. Or her new one- taking her rings in with her and playing with them (after she throws everything out, of course). She makes me say every colour before going to the next one. Then she stacks them up, gets out, and shelves the toy until we have to repeat the game all over again. I let her make her messes all while trying to spend every waking and spare minute with her. These are our days and rituals. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t wake up with this much energy.
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