3 months

Remy 3 Months - 2Yesterday Remy turned 3 months old. She has grown so much from last month. These are her recent milestones.

– She loves books and will let us read to her for hours on end 
– Still sleeps 12 hours and only wakes up once or twice to feed
– Has discovered and loves chewing on her hands
– Sticks out her tongue when we stick out ours
– Can hold her head up for long periods of time and now sits in a Bumbo chair
– Reaches for, grabs, and holds onto her toys
– Has discovered her toes
– Loves napping on mum or dad 
– Tries to pull herself up
– Smiles and talks all day long (when she’s not feeding)

Remy 3 Months - 9I wonder how she will change yet again in one month’s time. I hope it won’t be too drastic. She’s so serious, but so silly at the same time. I look forward to spending my days with her, as she makes me laugh all day long. I really love the little person that she is now. Happy 3 months, my love!



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  1. Gorgeous girl! Happy 3 months! Also, 12 hours of sleep! Ah! I look forward to those days! :)


  2. So, so, sweet Emory!


  3. The bonnet. It’s that bonnet that makes me laugh every time. She just resembles a prairie girl! I love that you love her.

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    • Oh I love her bonnet! It makes her look like such a little girl. I think she needs a break from it though. I’ll have to buy her more just so she has a bigger variety. Also, more for you to laugh at.


  4. Emory she is so precious! Good idea documenting each month, I wish I would’ve thought of that! Of course my daughter’s are in their 30’s! lol! Love reading your blog when I get the chance! Take care!

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  5. I can’t believe that she’s three months old already!!! Those photos are amazing <3

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    • Thanks Holly!

      My husband also thinks that time is flying by with her. She hasn’t left my sight for more than 2 hours since she was born, so I have a different take on it. ;-) However, it’s been three incredible, life-changing months. I wouldn’t give them up for anything.

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