6th wedding anniversary

wedding anniversarySix years ago today, I married my husband Geoffrey. We ended up eloping. It was just us, three strangers, and our marriage commissioner. Five years later, we conceived Remy on this very day. So that’s pretty special, right? My husband and my daughter forever remain my two favourite gifts. 

You can relive our fifth wedding anniversary video here. Have a wonderful week!



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  1. Trishawna

     /  06/06/2016

    Happy anniversary hun. Hope you both enjoy your special day.

  2. Happy Anniversary! My sister was born on my parents anniversary so even 33 years later my dad calls the 5th anniversary “the child anniversary”.

  3. Joanne S

     /  06/06/2016

    Happy anniversary and congrats on your special family!

  4. Happy anniversary! You have a lovely family! Hope to hear from you on my recent post about my husband who stays at home and I hope we could be as lovely as you both are on your 6th! :D

  5. Timothy Price

     /  06/06/2016

    Happy Anniversary!

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