4 months

Remy3MonthPhotoShoot-1“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

– Shakespeare

Remy 3 Months Photo Shoot - 4Remy will be 4 months old tomorrow. These are her recent milestones:

– She now growls (seen in video below)
– Can roll over from front to back and back to front
– Smiles constantly and laughs uncontrollably when you snort
– Is incredibly ticklish 
– Willingly naps
– Sleeps 11 hours and only wakes once to feed
– Grabs items and puts them in her mouth
– Is now teething
– Loves music and watches videos
– Still solely breastfed

I honestly love her more with each passing day. Hello, 4 months and many more major changes to come!



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  1. Her eyes are beautiful😍

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  2. gjkool

     /  06/24/2016

    I adore out little bug. She is the best parts of us and I couldn’t be more happy with our little family. I know she loves you, I see it in her eyes every day. Very excited for the future!! :)

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    • Awe, I’m excited as well. I’m glad that you see that she loves me. I love her more than anything on God’s green earth! She is my heart and soul.

      Love you as well. xoxo


  3. So new and fresh what a beauty! Her grin is impish. I am so happy you are embracing this chapter of motherhood. I can hear the change in your voice. You sound alive and excited! See I told you motherhood was wayyyy better than marriage. She is your little cub, just waiting to be shaped by her bear mama. Give her lots
    Of love and keep her mind open and wondering and you will have a happy den.

    Love you both so much my heart aches for you.

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    • Oh I wouldn’t really compare it to marriage. If it weren’t for my marriage, she wouldn’t be here. Now that I have both, I feel complete.

      I say everyday that my heart aches! It’s so true! You love your child so much that you just can’t stand it. She breaks my heart every time I look at her.

      Thanks for the comment, mum. See you soon!

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  • Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome!

  • Choose love. Thank you all for the love on my previous post. Grief is an awful thing that each and every one of us go through. I'm so thankful for this amazing community of wonderful people. I know I haven't been very present on it lately (or probably too present to some of you), but much has changed and I'm trying to focus more on "real life" as opposed to these beautiful, tiny squares that offer us snippets into other worlds. That's not to say that I find @Instagram any less important! I still consider it to be a vital part of social media and love it to death. I'm merely going through personal stuff. I plan to return to posting daily once things have settled down over here. Until then, keep showing me photographs of your lives. I cherish such views. (Here's a picture from last week's engagement session.)
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