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Remy Crocheted Booties - 1One item that we did not purchase before Remy was born was any type of footwear. I had asked my sister if she ever put her babies in shoes, and she replied that she did not. In fact, she said to just buy a ton of sleepers for them. That way, their feet would always be covered. So we did. 

Remy Booties - 1In hindsight, I would have done things differently. My husband and I quickly grew to detest sleepers. We found that the sheer number of buttons, as well as the fact that our tiny baby had to become more than half naked in order to change one diaper was just too much. Instead, we opted for onesies, pants, and socks. It was much less of a hassle, in our opinion! Plus, I enjoyed creating her outfits. ;-)

Remy Booties - 5.1Now that we are in the summer months, Remy is foregoing pants and socks. This means that I have nothing to put on her feet! Worried that they may get cold, I was in desperate need of footwear. So, I searched Instagram and Etsy, and much to my surprise I came across the cutest Canadian store. It is called babyBbasic

The store offers a great selection of booties. I chose navy blue for Remy. Because they are made of cotton, her feet shouldn’t overheat on a warm day.

Everything about the booties is too cute! I especially love the leather ties and tags. They are also stretchy enough so that she will have quite a few months to wear them. Score!

Remy Booties - 6.1My next purchase from the shop is going to be a bonnet. Now that Remy is teething, I am needing a bib for her as well. Oh the things I wish I knew before I had her!

Happy Monday, everyone!



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  1. Adorable booties! Love the navy color.

    Oh no! Not another bonnet! I smile for days looking at her photos wearing her bonnets. I don’t know why, might be she looks like a combination of old and young.

    Her little legs! Folds Behind her knees. So precious.

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  2. Emory good choices I must agree with you about sleepers though (sorry Sis) and Remy looks ready to take-off crawling!!! Woo-Hoo they grow so fast. xx

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    • Thanks Cheryl!

      Crawling? Yikes! Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did soon. She’s always wanting to be on the go, and it’s like she’s always pushing herself to try the next thing. She could sit in a Bumbo chair at 2 months, pull herself up and roll over at 3 months, and now she’s trying to inch her way along the floor at 4 months. I’m happy for her, but at the same time, slow down girl! I feel as if I never even got to experience the newborn stage. I gave birth to a 3 month old. Haha.

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