cups and succ(ulent)s

IMG_0024The last time I published a post about our kitchen, we had installed new cabinets and had partially rearranged it. After all of that, I still had not yet achieved the light and airy look that I was hoping for. You know the one. I can usually be found in the IKEA catalogue. White walls. Open shelving. Exposed plates. Greenery. Minimalist. So, I rearranged things once again.

IMG_0043I dragged the massive wire storage unit that we purchased from Home Depot into the kitchen, switching out the antique wooden armoire. After I washed the rack down, I set about arranging all of our plates, cups, and succulents on it. 

IMG_0034IMG_0038I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. It blended in so beautifully. I love how it displays our plates and bowls from Crate & Barrel, our glassware from Anthropologie, our organizers from IKEA, and my collection of over thirty succulents that I have been carefully growing over the last few years.

IMG_0039IMG_0023This is now my favourite corner of The Little Barn

IMG_0059Have a great weekend!



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  1. That looks so nice! I have serious shelf envy over here!
    Tania @

  2. Hello Emory, I love to change things up around the house too!!! Hugs to Remy! xx

  3. Such a beautiful setup!

  4. Succ(ulent)s need of the sun, only in winter they must be in the house.

  5. That is gorgeous but I am concerned you will only have a short time to enjoy it before babyproofing!

    • Haha, oh I know! I will have to change SO MUCH once she starts venturing off on her own. Until then, I’m going to enjoy my home in its current state.


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