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Processed with VSCO with a4 presetFrom August 1-7 of this year is World Breastfeeding Week.

I always had it in my mind that I was going to breastfeed my baby. I was vaguely aware of the benefits prior to doing so. I only knew that it was “better” than bottle feeding. I was, however, very apprehensive about not being able to get a proper latch and about feeding in public. 

After I gave birth, my modesty regarding my body went away. For her first latch, I had both my sister and nurses grabbing my breasts and helping me feed Remy. I didn’t know what I was doing. Thankfully she latched on instantly, and has continued to be the best little eater ever since. I also have no qualms about feeding her in public, but I do still cover up. This isn’t because I’m ashamed of feeding her from my body, but rather because she eats well under my cover and I don’t feel the need to expose the world to my breasts. We’re quite content with the way we do it.

While our journey hasn’t always been easy (I’ve had mastitis twice, continually have clogged milk ducts, and struggle when she has bad reflux), it has been a beautiful one. I adore feeding her. It’s our special time together. I love when she caresses me with her tiny hands, when she looks up at me and smiles with my nipple still in her mouth, and when she falls asleep, which is nearly every time. 

Not all women can breastfeed. So while I am all for promoting breastfeeding and helping to normalize it, rather than saying “breast is best,” we should instead be preaching that “fed is best.” Because in the end, as long as your baby is fed, that’s really all that matters. At the same time, if we should be allowed to bottle feed in public, we should also be more than welcome to breastfeed as well.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!



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  1. I wasn’t expecting to be able to breastfeed long either due to some medical concerns, nothing serious. But here we are 8 months later and going strong! I think I’m in the breastfeeding groove and now I find I’m stressing about introducing foods to baby. So hopefully this BFing continues!


  2. I wasn’t expecting to be able to breastfeed (lack of confidence rather than anything medical) so am constantly slightly awed that I can and that it’s awesome (apart from the first month, that was pretty awful). Your post made me happy that it’s normal to love feeding this way. Baby turned one last week but we’re still going as neither of us seem inclined to stop yet.

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  3. I’m inspired! I will be posting an entry for world breast feeding week! Keep up the good work, fellow momma! I’m still going strong at 11 months for my daughter!

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  4. lovely photo, and love “fed is best” = I’m lucky enough that I can breast feed most of the time, but I have friends who can’t and I know feel a lot of guilt over it x

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    • Yes, my sister also cannot breastfeed for very long after her babies come into the world. She supplements with formula. Some women just can’t, and so I feel blessed that I can. But hey, you feed them any way that you can! Just as long as they get that food, right?


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  5. chelseajacobs

     /  08/06/2016

    Could not agree more with your last paragraph!

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  6. Kudos. You are doing a bang up job. Whenever you have doubts ….. Just think back to my mama donk and her feeding schedule. Any time all the time and baby would follow her schedule and adapted quite well it’s just a natural thing Em Mother Nature and it looks like you are doing it well. See you tonite at XYE.

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  7. Joanne S

     /  08/05/2016

    Well said (written).

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  8. Remy will be healthier and happier in the long run Emory! Have a great weekend! xx

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    – N

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  • Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome!

  • Thank you to all those who liked, commented, and sent me messages yesterday. I am overwhelmed by your love. I would like to share one more thing. Since 2013, I have used my blog as a creative outlet and my Instagram account as my diary. I feel it’s a much better platform to reach out to others, and to be more truthful (if we dare). I try to only follow those who don’t always show the ups and highs of their “perfect” lives. While I think that the more popular, beige square, ad-infused, California chic, glam mother accounts are beautiful, I also find them to be depressing and unoriginal. A miscarriage is real. It is nothing to be ashamed of. If you don’t choose to discuss yours, that’s totally fine! I needed to share mine in order to begin my grieving and healing process. I am now a mother to two children. This is something that I did not want to, nor will I ever hide. Yes, our second child came much too early and did not survive, but that does not make his/her life any less worthy. Our baby was alive at one time. Our baby has a soul. Now, our baby has a name and will forever be part of our family. We are a family of four- three on earth and one angel in heaven. So, thanks again all. Sadness. What a difference a year can make. Last holiday season, Remy turned 10 months old. She had just gotten her first two teeth, and on Christmas morning, had learned to crawl. This year, we are mourning the loss of our second child. I suffered a miscarriage this week, and it has left a deep void in our family. This was going to be our Christmas card where we revealed to friends and family our joyous secret. Now, it remains one of our only photos as a family of four. Because of this, I want to share it with the world. Give your children an extra hug and kiss for me tonight. You are so blessed to have them. All my love, Emory.
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