happy halloween

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetHappy Halloween, everyone!

This is Remy’s first Halloween with us earth side. Last year I was nearly five months pregnant, and impatiently waiting for her arrival. 

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetWhat are your plans this year? We may visit a neighbour or two with Remy dressed up in her pumpkin costume.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetI hope that everyone has a great night! Stay safe!



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october corn maze

corn-maze-1Last Sunday, Geoffrey, Remy, and I visited a local corn maze. Located just outside of the city, it’s actually on the highway to The Little Barn. Because it’s held at the same location each year, I told my husband that one great aspect to living in TLB was that we would be only a few minutes away from the corn maze. Then we moved, and once again, it’s a bit of a drive for us.

corn-maze-12corn-maze-3Like I said, we had been planning on going to the maze for months. Actually, I’ve been planning it since before Remy was born. This was something that Geoffrey and I have done every year since we started dating. Fall is our favourite season, and being outside in the maze on what usually ends up being a grey day (also our favourite), is like heaven to us. We intend to take Remy to a corn maze every year until she’s too cool to go with us anymore. I’m honestly just so excited for this tradition!

corn-maze-8corn-maze-9Being so close to Halloween, I was worried that the maze was going to be busy. It turns out that we were virtually the only ones there. We couldn’t have planned it better. We had so much fun, and little Rem was a’maze’d.

corn-maze-11All in all, the maze was muddy and the weather was a little chilly and gloomy. It was absolutely perfect.

corn-maze-15Only four days until Halloween!



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8 months

img_8809-copyMy not-so-little girl is now 8 months old! How this happened is something that I’m still not sure of. Here are her latest milestones:

– she can now stand on her own (while hanging onto an object)
– she shakes her head “no”
– she dances
– she can hand-feed herself

We’re still working on getting her to say her first word, and there is no sign of any teeth yet. She’s been so much fun lately, and is really amazing with playing by herself. I got very lucky with this latter point, as I’m generally working on my assignments for the better part of the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby. Happy 2/3 birthday!



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the practicalities of living in your dream log cabin

Living in a log cabin is something many people dream of. It offers a relaxed way of living, allows you be close to nature gets you away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and cities. However, there are some practicalities when it comes to your beautiful log cabin. And as someone who lived in a barn up until recently, I have first-hand experience of this! If you’re hoping to make your dreams a reality, here are some tips to bear in mind.

pennsylvania-86614_960_720Picture credit

Will Your Family Grow?

This is the reason we ended up moving out of our barn in the end. As I explained in this post, when we were designing our home we didn’t account for having children. Or the practicalities that we would face after having a baby! If you’re a couple at the start of your journey together, when deciding on your log cabin this is definitely something to take into consideration. If you’re still set on a log home, make sure you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms if your family grows. And that you have easy access to the home with prams and young children in tow.

Are You Ok With Being Away From Amenities?

You might think that being secluded, and living in the middle of nowhere sounds perfect. Peace and quiet, picturesque scenery and a serene environment. But before taking the plunge, consider it carefully. Are you really ok with being away from shops, nightlife, hospitals, other people? For example surrounding our cabin was simply trees, dirt roads, and a lake- we had a school not too far away and a few neighbors but not much else. Living somewhere permanently isn’t like a vacation, make sure you would genuinely be happy to live ‘off the beaten track’. While it’s an incredibly freeing experience for some, it’s not for everyone. If you’re never lived in a desolate area before and are used to having everything you need a stone’s throw away, it could take some time to adjust.

Are You Ok With Maintenance?

Living in a wooden home is different to living in one made of brick or stone. There are various things that you have to take into consideration to keep it at it’s best. For example cabin staining products will need to be used every one to two years. This will ensure that the wood is kept protected from the elements and in good condition. UV guard products need to be used to prevent damage from the sun, and a range of pest protection products are also essential. Critters such as bugs and rodents are naturally attracted to wood and can cause expensive damage through boring, if this isn’t kept in check.

Despite all of this, living in a log cabin is a wonderful experience. If you get the chance to do so it’s well worth considering! Just go into it with your eyes open and knowing the challenges you may face, so you can be completely prepared.

Would you ever consider moving to a log cabin?

** This was a contributed post.

For more information on log cabins, or to shop for the best log cabins that Ireland has to offer, please click here.

before and after: remy’s room

remys-room-1Hi everyone! Well, like I posted earlier on Instagram- it only took 7 months and 3 houses, but we finally have a room for Remy!

I can’t believe that we went this long without having anywhere to put her things. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I remember going out for supper after my biweekly doctor appointments, and crying in the restaurant every time because I didn’t have a nursery for our baby-to-be. At the time, I felt like such a bad mother. While I hope to never relive that experience of being so pregnant and feeling so unprepared, I also realize that it really wasn’t the end of the world. However, I am so glad that she has a room of her own! Let’s begin the room tour.

before-roomAbove is what her room looked like when we first moved in. The walls were painted beige, and the ceiling had a cloud design on it. There was an old fixture, dirty blinds, and dated switch plates. (Please excuse the mess of boxes, I couldn’t put anything away until her room was painted.)

remys-room-2-2Geoffrey and I chose a basic white, zero VOC paint for her walls and ceiling. After two thick coats, we were ready to set up her room.

remys-room-4remys-room-11A week before Remy was born, I published a post on my nursery envy. The inspiration for Remy’s room largely came from this room. To me, its whimsical nature and somewhat chaotic state is exactly what I think of when I think of a fun and well-loved child’s room. Plus, I’m notorious for hanging crates as shelving. It was a perfect match.

remys-room-6The white rose was Remy’s baptismal flower, and the little black-eyed-Susan was the first flower that Remy ever picked for me.

remys-room-7remys-room-8Remember the post with her crib? It’s a Jenny Lind, and we made a road trip specifically to purchase one.

remys-room-9-2Her sonogram photos were a DIY project that I shared in November of last year.

remys-room-12Rather than buying a new light for her room, we removed the one in the hallway and turned it from brass to silver by spray painting it. We lucked out with the light, since I was having the worst time trying to find one that would suit a little girl’s room. This one even has flowers on it. I think that it’s so cute now.

remys-room-3We still need to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring, and change the colour of the baseboards. However, that will probably be in a few years from now. Until then, Remy (and whomever else may come along) can have the ugly but soft carpet to play on.



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