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Processed with VSCO with a4 presetAnyone who has ever had a child would know that teething is not fun. There are also a vast amount of teething toys on the market.

When Remy began teething at 4 months, I went out and bought everything that I could think of. This included an amber necklace for her, a chewable necklace for myself, teething rings, teething soothers, vibrating teethers, Sophie the Giraffe, Munch Mitts, wooden toys, and countless other teething toys. At 7 months, her teething game has slowed down. I also now know what she likes. This Little Bam Bam teething toy is one of them.

BPA and heavy metal free, this toy is a must-have for any teething collection. It’s big enough that they have a large surface area to chew, but it’s also not too big for their little hands. The body, horns, and legs are different shapes and sizes, which gives them a variety of feelings in their mouth. It’s also an incredibly cute toy, and comes in many colours for both boys and girls. It’s a great gift to give any parent or parent-to-be!

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetTo see more products from Bambeadö, you can find their website here.



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  1. Wish I would have know this two months ago when darling daughter got all four molars at once! Thanks for the review.

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  2. My daughter’s molars are coming in at 1 year old! Thankfully, she’s handling them well. When she initially began teething, I would use oral gel which would slightly numb her gums for temporary relief. The toys helped a little but I’m glad teething hasn’t really been a bother for her.

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    • Good for her, and for you as well!

      We didn’t try the gel, but we did try teething tablets. While they work, they also would make her tired. So I had to give them to her before a nap, otherwise not at all. By the end, I ended up just not using them. We stuck to teething toys instead.

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  3. Oh my little man is 4 months and beginning to teeth! Going to check this out :)

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