8 months

img_8809-copyMy not-so-little girl is now 8 months old! How this happened is something that I’m still not sure of. Here are her latest milestones:

– she can now stand on her own (while hanging onto an object)
– she shakes her head “no”
– she dances
– she can hand-feed herself

We’re still working on getting her to say her first word, and there is no sign of any teeth yet. She’s been so much fun lately, and is really amazing with playing by herself. I got very lucky with this latter point, as I’m generally working on my assignments for the better part of the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby. Happy 2/3 birthday!



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  1. thewattsblogg

     /  10/30/2016

    Beautiful! My baby is the same age. Love them at this age their so much fun !


  2. gjkool

     /  10/26/2016

    She is perfect! What a little darling. We are so lucky!!!

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  3. Happy birthday little remy!

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  4. RemStar you are a superstar!

    So unbelievably cute. Good job Emma.

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