life with a toddler: waiting for dada

One of our favourite things to do at the end of each weekday is wait for Geoffrey in the window. I place Remy on the couch and sit on the trunk just opposite the couch. She crawls and walks back and forth, slapping the cushions, talking to people who walk by, and smiling at all of the vehicles. She always turns to look at me to make sure that I’m watching her, then resumes her window-watching.

When Geoffrey pulls up, I always say, “dada’s home!” She immediately starts smiling, and watches him intently as he parks, gets out of his vehicle, and walks up to the window. She says, “yeah,” “dada,” and “heyyyyy” over and over again. Then they play through the glass for a few minutes, usually peek-a-boo. It melts my heart.

I always thought that I would be more strict and not let her play and jump on the couch like this, but it’s just once a day and for a good reason. I love seeing her so happy, and seeing my husband’s face when he finally gets to see her at the end of a long day.

This is our life with a toddler. My heart is so full.



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  1. Nestlings

     /  05/17/2017

    How adorable. She is divine!


  2. gjkool

     /  05/04/2017

    This is easily the best part of my day, seeing your two faces in the big ol’ front window as I pull up :)

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  3. Beautiful photos and words (and toddler!). Your post reminds me of one of my favorite poems, “Ordinary Life” by Barbara Crooker. If you Google it you can find it online. :)

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  4. Could she be any sweeter! I love her ear to ear grin. Life is simple.

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  5. Valerie

     /  05/03/2017

    Aww, such sweet memories you’re making! 😍

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