life with a toddler: bubble baths

I always knew that Remy would be a fan of bath time. When I was still pregnant, she would come alive in my uterus every time I had a bath. I took the best videos of her swimming around in me while I was swimming around in the tub. Do you know what? I was right!

In the 15 months that she has been earthside, Remy has only gone without a daily bath 5 times. That occurred in her first week when we were told by nurses not to bathe her until her umbilical cord fell off. Since then, she’s had a bath everyday, and often twice a day. We just love them!

Bubbles are also her obsession. I didn’t realize it until she was 8 months old and one of her Kindermusik instructors brought them out. She was so amazed by them. Since then, we make sure to let her play with bubbles with each bath. They always thrill her, and they never get old.

She is truly a delight in the tub. My little fish.

This is our life with a toddler. My heart is so full.

P.S. Have a wonderful Canada Day, all! Let me know what you’ll get up to in the comments below.



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  1. gjkool

     /  06/29/2017

    She is beautiful, our little fish, too cute. Bath time really is one of her most fav parts of the day, followed closely by lunch and supper and naps. Lol. Great photos as per love.

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  2. I love watching my young ones bathe, refresh, and play in the bath! I also love blowing bubbles ever since I did this for my daughter, now 9, when she was just a few years old and realized she could hold one on her hand from time to time. My son loves them too! Beautiful memories!=) ~Anne

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    • That’s the perfect word to describe baths- refresh. It’s almost like a renewal for their little bodies!

      I love that your daughter holds them in her hand. It sounds so adorable!!

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Anne!

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  • Hello! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of four (three on earth in heaven). This is our life on the Canadian prairies.

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