remy’s 2nd birthday photography

This year, Remy’s birthday party didn’t go as planned. I had initially booked a room at a local play centre and had invited all of our family members that live near us. As her birthday drew closer, more and more of our family were unable to make it. This included my husband! With less than two weeks to go, I had no choice but to cancel everything. Instead, we ended up having about four mini parties with various family members on the days that worked for them. It was a week of sheer exhaustion (given that no one actually lives in the city), but we made it! Remy is so loved, which makes me so happy.

For our own intimate celebration with just the three of us, I decided to do a Morning in the Life where I photographed our daily ritual at home. It began with Remy’s bath. Next, we played in our master bedroom. Then Geoffrey and I sat with her while she ate her late morning snack, we opened birthday presents, and then we sat on the couch and played with some of her new toys.

Even though two rooms in our house are under renovations, I wanted to document exactly how we spent even just part of our day at this moment in our lives. From the gentle light of the morning sun in our bathroom, to Remy playing with her toys on our bed, to the length of her beautiful hair, to the shortness of mine, to Geoff’s clothes, I feel as if I have to capture it all. Our home is almost exactly how we would like it- which means that we are probably getting ready to sell it. But, all of this is what makes us unique. This is our life with a now two-year-old.

What sorts of things do you wish to never forget? Good or bad, let me know below.


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  1. gjkool

     /  03/07/2018

    These really are fantastic photos! Love them. You really captured our little family and especially Goose in her natural habitat❤️ I’m just glad I could be home for at least some of it. Love you guys!


    • Hello, Scarlett Blog

       /  03/08/2018

      I have a surprise waiting for you when you get home. Hopefully these 3 months are the last 3 consecutive months that you will have to live apart from us. Remy needs her dada.



  2. Everything! I take way too many photos, lol. Every day, every little silly thing. All the sweet things. The smiles. Even the tantrums.


    • Hello, Scarlett Blog

       /  03/08/2018

      That’s so great! This may sound silly, but I love that we even have the option to take photos! Could you imagine if photography or videography didn’t exist? Obviously the world would be a much different place, but more importantly, we wouldn’t be able to hold onto certain moments after they passed. We’re so lucky to have great cameras, editing tools, and various printing options at our disposal.

      I say keep taking too many photos! Even of the tantrums! Haha.



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