20 weeks

First of all, thank you all so much for all of your kind words on my pregnancy reveal post! You guys are seriously the best. :-))) And now I’m at the mid point of my pregnancy!

So much has happened between weeks 18 and 20. For instance:

baby can now hear our voices
– it has finger and toe prints
– its legs are finally in proportion with its body
– it is covered in vernix
– it can now open its eyes
– I felt its first kicks

This is our babe at my 12 weeks ultrasound appointment. I explained on Instagram that seeing his/her movements and beating heart was just so emotional. With our second baby, I had two ultrasounds. At 6 weeks, it had a slow heartbeat. At 8 weeks, there was none. I specifically waited until I was further along to even book an appointment with this baby, just in case I lost another one. During the appointment, he/she was waving at us on the screen, so I took it as a sign that it was doing fantastic and everything would be OK!

Feel free to revisit my 20 week update with Remy.

Have a lovely weekend, all!


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  1. I remember when I turned 20 weeks and said to myself “I’m half way there”! Now, I’m 33 weeks and scared beyond belief (first time mommy)! I can understand why you decided to wait a little longer for the heartbeat. I didn’t have that luxury as I almost my baby at 5 weeks. Glad to hear that everything is going well <3

    • Hello, Scarlett Blog

       /  07/09/2018

      Oh please don’t be scared! I feel like you can never truly be prepared for a baby (mentally and emotionally, that is). Each one is so different and you will learn and research as you go along. It’s a steep learning curve, but baby will thrive with you. It’s the best experience ever, and nothing else matters when he/she gets here. ☺️

      • I guess I’m more so nervous of the unknown and what people will say about the decisions I will be making for my labor and delivery ( and after). I am however looking forward to having her in my arms 💜

        • Hello, Scarlett Blog

           /  07/11/2018

          Well you are in charge! Try not to worry about what people will say. Opinions are like a**holes- everyone has one. ☺️

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