four months old

Our happy, happy boy is four months old!

Honestly, I feel like this age is a milestone in itself. This is usually when:

– they have their first sleep regression
– they have a dip in hormone levels (or so I read)
– they receive their second immunizations
– they have another check-up appointment

So much is going on in their little lives! It’s no wonder that we have noticed a change in Wilder as well. He definitely likes to be awake more, and only takes three very short naps a day. (I think he will be down to two longer ones soon.) He loves to hold his head up all day long and we are working on getting him to sit on his own and stand more often. He loves meeting new people, but also adores his family. He is starting to not like the car seat as much. He loves walks and is quite content outside.

Over this last month, we ended up moving into a new home. We did the same thing with Remy when she was this exact age! I think that most would agree that moving with an infant is never easy, but Wilder did not make it difficult in the slightest. It only meant that unpacking took a bit longer than usual.

I also have decided to slowly introduce dairy back into my diet. I had cut it out as soon as I had Wilder in the event that it would upset his system much like it did Remy’s when she was a baby. I had been craving it so much, and having already eliminated eggs, nuts, caffeine, and spices (those I did notice bothered him), I thought that trying dairy couldn’t hurt. After a few days, I did not notice any fussiness, so now I can safely consume it. Yum!

Sleep, new house, needles, diet … not much change from three to four months. Right? ;-)))


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  1. Wow, he looks robustly healthy! I hope Remy is becoming accustomed to having a baby in the family now – and hope she adjusts well to her new space.


    • Hello, Scarlett Blog

       /  03/19/2019

      What a lovely comment! Remy became a new girl when Wilder was born. We were so worried that she would be jealous or throw tantrums when adjusting- not the case at all. She absolutely loves him more than anything. She has turned into a happy, carefree, loving, and sweet big sister. We are so proud of her. She has yet to get upset over him.

      As for the move, that has been a harder adjustment. She kept asking to go home for like the first week, and cried when we would leave her room at night. She has also been a little more emotional than usual. But she’s loving walks, the house, and the yard. I think in time everything will be worth it!

      Thank you so much for asking. 🤗 I hope that all is well with you!


  2. He is ADORABLE!!! 🥰


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