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Protecting your home is not just in the sense of security, there is a huge umbrella with many topics covered. For example, if you have a leaking roof, then it could be dangerous in the long run, or perhaps you are suffering with damp or even cracked walls. Maybe you have some type of leak in the home too, such as a slab leak – in this case you need to ensure a licensed professional look at the job. In addition to this, of course security will enhance the work inside your home too; for example it will keep your children safe and your belongings. Once you have taken care of the internal and structural issues, you can turn your attention to protection.

Security Cameras

Well-installed home security cameras allow you, the landlord, to see those coming in and out of your area at all times. Simple but effective, only the presence of security cameras will prevent a lot of criminals from trying to break into you. In fact, you should advertise the fact that you are using cameras with a “CCTV” sign. To upgrade the security you get from the cameras, the video can go directly to your smartphone so you can check your home from anywhere. If you are still worried about the time your property is vacant, consider hiring remote monitoring services. These security experts will monitor your property 24/7 and notify the landlord and police of any incidents, and will also warn the burglar verbally.

Lights and alarms

Naturally, entrances like windows and doors, are good places for lighting with a motion sensor. It will be harder and less appealing for a criminal to break in when the area is well lit and there are no dark places to hide. Alarms are also an important technique to get alerted about burglary to protect your home


One of the easiest ways to protect your home from burglary is to prevent criminals from trying in the first place. Dogs have been used for this for centuries and are still effective despite technological advances. Even if you do not have a dog, still put a sign up – this way the thieves will not know either way if it is true or not. Deterrence is the best form of protection, therefore practicality plays a large role.

The garden

The visibility of the garden and plants in your home can affect the way people, including burglars, navigate the exterior of your property. Consider pruning shrubs and trees near your home, as this can reduce the area where a burglar can stay without being seen. Also consider planting thorny plants near places with windows to prevent entrances from these areas. 

Doors and windows

The best way to assess your security is to look from a burglar’s point of view, and pay attention to potential vulnerabilities and entry points. Proper doors and windows are an important part of home security, just like proper locks. If there is a problem, fix it immediately; such as broken locks, rotting doors and windows and more. It’s important to stay safe!

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