4 reasons your new born baby won’t stop crying

When your baby is born, you are filled with excitement and happiness. You can’t wait to hold them in your arms and watch them grow. However, sometimes this joy is short-lived, as your baby begins to cry seemingly for no reason. If this happens to you, don’t worry – you’re not alone! This blog post will discuss four of the most common reasons why babies cry and how you can deal with them.

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1. Hunger

One of the most common reasons a baby will cry is hunger. This is because when your child was in the womb, their body was constantly getting food from you through an umbilical cord attached to them at birth.

This means that they have no idea how to get food on their own after birth yet! This can cause them to cry out in desperation for food.

Newborn babies tend to be hungry all the time because their stomachs can only hold a few ounces at any given moment – less than half of one cup! You’ll find that your baby wants milk every two hours or so and will take roughly 15-20 minutes to eat each time. If you’re breastfeeding, this means your body needs to produce enough milk at regular intervals in order for them not to feel hungry again before the next feeding time.

2. Wet And Dirty Diapers

Another common reason babies cry is that they need to be changed. A baby’s diaper can become wet or dirty for a number of reasons, such as when they pee or poop.

If your baby has a wet diaper, their skin will become irritated, and they’ll feel uncomfortable. If their diaper is full of poop, it can irritate their skin as well because poop contains bacteria that can cause rashes (diaper rash) or even worse infections!

3. Sickness And Pain

Sometimes, babies cry because they are in pain or discomfort. This could be caused by something like a stomach ache if your baby has been drinking too much at once. Another cause of pain might be that your baby has some alignment issues after the trauma of childbirth. In this case, it will be best for you to visit a pediatric chiropractor so that they can help adjust your baby’s spine.

Babies also cry when they are sick, as this is their natural way of telling us something is wrong. The most common illnesses for babies are colds and flu, which cause them to have a runny nose, fever, and congestion. If you think your baby might be sick, take them to the doctor immediately!

4. Colic

One of the most mysterious reasons for a baby’s crying is colic. Colic is defined as unexplained, excessive, inconsolable crying in an otherwise healthy child. This condition usually starts at around two to three weeks old and peaks around six weeks old.

Babies with colic cry for hours on end, sometimes up to three or four hours in a row. There is no single cause for colic, but it is thought to be caused by various factors such as gas and indigestion, changes in the baby’s diet or environment, or emotional stress.

There is no cure for colic, but there are ways to help ease your baby’s symptoms. For example, you can try feeding them smaller amounts more often throughout the day instead of giving them one large feed. You can also massage their stomach or use a pacifier to help calm them down.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why babies cry. The most common ones include hunger, wet and dirty diapers, sickness or pain and colic. If you think your baby might be sick, take them to the doctor immediately!

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