how to discuss body piercings with children: tips for parents

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Parenting comes with its own set of challenges. No matter how much you think you know about your child or how well equipped you believe you are as a parent, situations will arise that test your limits and throw you off balance. Parenting also changes as your child grows and develops into individuals with their own views and preferences, which means that parent-child conversations also require revamping at different stages. 

With so many parents eager to find ways to support their child’s development, it’s safe to say that body piercings have become quite the trend among the younger generation these days. While some might worry about the implications of such an action on their child’s future prospects and social acceptance, others might be more curious about what it entails. Either way, it’s a topic worth discussing with your child if you feel that this is something they would like to do in the future.

Talk About the Basics

When you first bring up the topic of discussion, it’s best to start with the basics. Ask your child what they know about piercings. What styles have they seen before? Where would they like to get it done? What does it involve? In order to give your child a well-rounded conversation about the process, you should first be well-rounded yourself. Parents should also get familiar with the terminology associated with this type of piercing. Knowing the difference between the different types of piercings, such as an ear rook piercing, will help you better prepare yourself for your child’s questions and better react to any concerns they might have. 

While you’re at it, you should also familiarize yourself with the potential risks and benefits of this kind of piercing. You might be surprised to learn that your child isn’t as familiar with the facts as you think. By being prepared with the facts, you’ll be able to address better any concerns your child might have about the process.

Discuss the Potential Risks and Benefits

Exploring the different potential risks and benefits of body piercings is a great way to detail what will happen when you decide to pierce your child’s body. Start by asking your child what they like about the idea of body piercings and what they think the main benefits will be. It’s also essential to ask your child what concerns they have about getting pierced, no matter what age they are. 

You can then discuss the potential risks associated with body piercings, such as the piercing causing an infection, problems with healing, and how long the piercing will last.

Ask if Your Child Has Any Questions

By the time you finish explaining the risks and benefits, your child might already be sold on getting a piercing. In this case, you’ll want to ask if they have any questions about the process. If not, you can move on to other topics, but if your child has some burning questions, it’s best to answer them as soon as possible. 

Some of the questions you might expect your child to ask include: Where can I get it done? At what age do I need to wait? How much does it cost? How painful is it? How will this affect my relationships? All of these are valid questions, and the sooner you respond to them, the better equipped your child will be to make an informed decision.

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