acreage renovation: a garden for brother + sister bear

This spring we decided to make a garden for our children. We were wholly inspired by “The Berenstain Bears Patience, Please” after reading it to them. They begged us to have their own garden just like Brother and Sister Bear. One that they could till, plant, weed, and water and grow whatever they wanted. Of course we had to agree to such eagerness.

We used my small corn garden for their new garden. It was south facing and the best location in our yard for one. Geoff ripped out the old and temporary fence we had around it to keep the animals out. Then the kids and I each took a shovel and spread our composted food into it. We also moved all of the rocks and heavy stones from behind the garage. This was all hard work but they did very well. Next, Geoff rototilled and worked the compost into the garden, expanding it by a lot. Finally, he built a new fence to go around it.

I spent an entire spring morning planting seeds with them. I planned it out and made all of the little holes in the dirt. They wanted corn, carrots, cucumber, sunflowers, tomatoes, snap peas, watermelon, and flowers.

The kids meticulously filled each hole with seeds. Then we watered it all. They continued to water on the days where it didn’t rain. Within a few weeks we had sprouts. From there, and with occasional weeding, we had a full (albeit somewhat messy) garden!

They are so proud of their work. I am, too! Mostly everything came up, and we snack on their snap peas daily. I hope to do this with them every year until they are no longer interested. It’s such a special and rewarding thing.


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here’s how to host the ideal brunch party

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Parties are great ways to have a good time with close friends and family. You may have hosted many dinner parties, but have you considered a brunch party? Brunch parties allow you and your guests to mix up your party routines while creating memorable moments. Likewise, you can get comfortable in cozy clothing options without worrying about being judged for your outfit. Moreover, brunch party menus are flexible, as you can include various meals and drinks that would cater to your guests. If you’re new to hosting brunch parties, here are a few tips to make the experience stress-free. 

1. Choose an appropriate day 

The best thing about brunch parties is that you can host them any day. However, you still have to consider your guests before setting your date to ensure that everyone is comfortable. For instance, weekdays may not work if they have 9-5 jobs weekly, making Saturdays or Sundays more appropriate. If your guests work with different schedules, you can choose a date that most of them would be available. Regarding the time, brunch is traditionally served between breakfast and lunch, like 10.00 am. However, you can start earlier to allow your guest to interact with each other before eating. 

While there are no rules on inviting your guests, you can send a written invitation, text or email. Requesting an RSVP can help you know how many people to expect, so keep this in mind. As a tip, invite them some weeks before the event to give them adequate time to fix it in their schedule. You can also call if you don’t hear from them before purchasing the needed items for the event to be sure if they can make it or not. 

2. Prepare adequately 

Now, you want your party to have a relaxed ambiance, and setting up beforehand can help you achieve this. You can set your tables the night before since your party will begin in the morning. This way, you can avoid undue pressure and stress and get everything you need before your guests arrive. As a tip, create a list of items you need for the party and purchase or rent any stuff you don’t have. Consequently, prepare your bathroom by placing enough hand towels and soap. You can also consider playing your favourite relaxed tunes in the background, so keep this in mind. 

3. Set the menu 

Fortunately, brunch menus are flexible, as you can serve both breakfast and lunch meals. You can consider meals you can make ahead of time, so you don’t have to cook and serve your guests simultaneously. Quiches, frittatas, make-ahead breakfast casseroles, salads, sandwiches, etc., are great brunch meals, so you can include them in your menu. This IHOP pancake recipe from Butter Your Biscuit will also be a favourite among your guests, so feel free to consider this. It’s prudent to consider your guests’ dietary needs and plan accordingly. Regarding drinks, you can opt for tea, coffee, fruit juices, mimosas, greyhounds, etc. 

A brunch party can be an exciting experience, and you can heighten the fun by creating themed parties. Pyjama brunch party and garden party are ideas worth considering.

** This was a contributed post.

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acreage renovation: two bathrooms

We recently renovated the remaining two of our three bathrooms. Normally, we would have done it all ourselves and spent much time on each one. However, due to life events (and something that I will discuss in detail in a couple of weeks), we decided to hire out most of the work and tackle both at once!

This was the kid’s bathroom before:

Whoever owned our house before us realllllly loved the colour red. And black laminate countertops. We lived with the bathrooms this way for 3 years. Below is how we changed them.

Kid’s bath after.

My en-suite before.

En-suite after.

Because we were on a strict timeline, most of what we purchased was whatever was in stock at Home Depot. That said, it did come together nicely and we are pleased with the results!


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8 months old

Sweet Beauby is now 8 months old!!

I don’t know how an entire month passed us by. Wasn’t she just turning 7 months?? How can this be?

This last few weeks were filled with massive changes for her! I feel as if she is gearing up for her first crawls, first words, and first everything. This is how she changed over the past 30 days:

– can give herself a sippy cup and/or bottle

– can wave hello

– can sit up and scoot around

– can push herself back up to a sitting position when she’s laying down

– tries to pull herself up to a standing position using furniture

– sucks on her bottom lip, and uses sounds to have a back and forth conversation with you

– recognizes her name and will look when you call her

– and finally, she cut her first two teeth!!

Oh little cutie, please don’t grow up too quickly. We are still loving this phase with you.


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