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Winter has arrived, and it’s time to think about what you can cook to connect with the season. Forget about light meals for a minute; winter is all about healthy flavors and nutritious ingredients; it also has some of the simplest and most popular meals for many households.

Sausage and Mash

Sausages and mash originate in Britain, where it has become a firm favorite and part of the nation’s cultural identity. Sausages and mash are an easy and affordable meal to make – which might explain its popularity – but it’s also very delicious and the perfect meal for the winter. 

Sausages and mash – also called bangers and mash – is now a popular meal around the world; it sits heavy in the stomach, making it a nice meal for colder weather. Although bangers and mash is traditionally budget meal, they can be made using more high-quality sausages instead.   

Winter Soup 

Soup is probably the quickest and easiest meal you can make in the winter, which is why it is so popular. There are many winter soups to choose from, including lentil soup, minestrone soup, vegetable soup, and turkey lentil soup; for a meal with a difference, find out more in the recipe. 

If you want to make turkey lentil soup this winter, follow this quick and easy recipe for turkey lentil soup. Start by making a basic lentil soup with red lentils, soup stock, and your choice of vegetables; the difference is when you add the turkey to the pot and boil it until it’s cooked. 

Winter Stew 

If you like winter soup, you will also like a winter stew. Stew is different from soup because it uses different ingredients and is stewed in the oven instead of blended; still, there are many similarities, such as the simplicity of the recipes and the nutritional qualities inside the meals. 

If you want to make a stew this winter, you will need a range of vegetables and some beef or chicken; you will also need some tasty stock flavoring and a meat alternative if you are veggie or vegan. Everything goes in the pot to boil, but instead of blending, you stew it in the oven.  

Steak and Sauce

If you want to treat your household this winter, have some steak and sauce for dinner. Although steak is not the easiest food to cook, it is pretty quick to make, especially when someone like it medium or rare. Also, with the right steak cooking instructions, it can be pretty straightforward. 

Cooking a steak well takes some time and practice, so don’t be too disheartened if it’s not perfect the first time. As well as cooking the steak, you will have to make a sauce to go with it, such as a mushroom and onion sauce, a whiskey sauce, or a traditional black pepper sauce. 

Winter Casserole 

Another quick and easy winter meal is a winter casserole that allows you to use up a lot of the vegetables and ingredients in your kitchen and provides a delicious evening meal that can be eaten right away or frozen for later. Find out more about winter casserole recipes right here.

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  1. I love soups and stews. Funny- I’ve never made stew in the oven. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? I’ve always known stews to be more meatier, and maybe bigger cuts of veggies and meat. Less broth. 🤷‍♀️


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