10 months old

Beau Emmanuelle is now 10 months old!!

She now:

– walks along furniture

– will let go of objects while standing and attempt to stand on her own

– tries feeding herself with utensils

– mimics more and more words and sounds

Here is a look back at Remy and Wilder’s 10 month update. We had his pictures taken in the very same field only three years ago. And Beau is going to the very same mountains in BC that Wilder did at her age. It’s funny how things in life repeat themselves.

Only two more months until she’s one year. Time, slow down.


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9 months old

Beau Emmanuelle is 9 months old (and some change, because third baby and moving amiright?). It has been nearly 18 months of her growing both on the inside and outside of me.

So what has changed over these last few weeks? A LOT!

She now:

– crawls!

– walks along furniture

– does hand signals when asked (claps, waves, lifts arms in the air)

– plays peekaboo

– dances to all music

– has pretty much said her first word a couple of times, “mama” 💛💛

How is it that every month she learns more and more? She still manages to amaze me.

Have a lovely week! Hope you are enjoying all things back-to-school.


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8 months old

Sweet Beauby is now 8 months old!!

I don’t know how an entire month passed us by. Wasn’t she just turning 7 months?? How can this be?

This last few weeks were filled with massive changes for her! I feel as if she is gearing up for her first crawls, first words, and first everything. This is how she changed over the past 30 days:

– can give herself a sippy cup and/or bottle

– can wave hello

– can sit up and scoot around

– can push herself back up to a sitting position when she’s laying down

– tries to pull herself up to a standing position using furniture

– sucks on her bottom lip, and uses sounds to have a back and forth conversation with you

– recognizes her name and will look when you call her

– and finally, she cut her first two teeth!!

Oh little cutie, please don’t grow up too quickly. We are still loving this phase with you.


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7 months old

Our beautiful Bo-Bo is now 7 months old!

Over this last month she has:

– started growling whenever she likes something

– received her 6 month immunizations

– went on her first vacation

– tips her head when you say “tip!”

– gives hugs when you say “awe!”

– loves to eat watermelon and peas most of all

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, she is just an absolute delight and we love having her in our family more than anything! She’s a happy, easygoing, funny little girl. I truly feel blessed and complete with our family.


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6 months old

Beau is 6 months old today!

She has grown so much over these last few months. She went from a helpless newborn to one that sits unassisted, grabs, rolls, laughs, babbles, and eats food. She is the most darling little thing and we are all obsessed with her.

How half a year has passed by already is beyond me. Time has gone by so quickly. It truly is a thief.

Here are Remy and Wilder’s 6 month updates.


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