our home was on a beautiful mess

6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c78c737a970b-800wiGuys! Did you happen to see The Little Barn on A Beautiful Mess yesterday? If not, then you can do so by clicking the link here!

This process has been incredibly fun, and I’ve met many new people as a result. In just one day, these are the number increases on my social media sites:

Instagram: 200+ new followers

Email: 5+ emails

Blog: 4000+ views

If only I could be on ABM more often! I love hearing from new and previous followers alike!

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb083072b1970d-800wiI’ll see you tomorrow with my latest DIY. I can’t wait!



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i’m making a list, and checking it twice

List Making - Kinfolk 1I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a nutter. I strongly feel that most creative people are, if not every individual in general. There are so many disorders in existence, that there’s a good chance every person would have at least one of them. For example, these are a few of the issues that I feel I have traces of:

(and because I am afraid of the number 4) Lack of self-esteem

List Making - Kinfolk 3-1Yet, these are all self-diagnosed and quite manageable, for the most part. One of my biggest issues is that I cannot have free time, even if it’s for an hour. I have to constantly be doing something, otherwise I begin to dwell on things and soon fall into a depressive state. This is not because I am unhappy with my life, but rather, because I feel as if I should be doing more. Maybe that is why I had five jobs at the beginning of the year. 

In order to keep the events of my day straight, I keep a detailed list in my phone. These lists are down to the hour, and usually stretch into the next week. Every minute is accounted for, and the only time that I’m allowed to rest is when I’m sleeping, or in bed watching Netflix with my husband. I touched on this incessant planning a bit last year when I blogged about scheduling posts. I mentioned that I plan well in advance, and asked you guys if you do the same. Your answers surprised me, and I loved learning about your varying schedules. Now that I am attempting to once again publish posts five days a week, I have each weekday accounted for, up until the end of July. This of course will change a bit, but for the most part, I know what I will be writing about up to the end of next month.

Geoffrey and I spent Saturday running errands in town with our dogs. Every time we did a task, I would look at my phone to consult my list for the day. He said to me, “you and your damn lists.” I can’t help it. If I don’t write down what I’ll be doing that day, or next week, I feel lost and anxious. However, seeing it in front of me brings a huge relief, and makes me more productive as opposed to just ambling through my day. 

I was beginning to think that this was a serious issue, until I came across an article in the March 2015 edition of Kinfolk magazine. This particular article put my mind at ease, and taught me more about list-making than I knew before. I swear that this publication has brought nothing but good into my life. Here it is.



List Making - Kinfolk 4The Psychology of List Making

Why do we feel the need to make a list for every occasion, from grocery items to plans for world domination?

Lists keep our daily affairs in order, but they can also be distilleries of our deeper intentions. Regardless of their contents, they say a lot more about us than simply what we need to get done: They portray our expectations, self-criticisms and anxieties. In pursuit of moral perfection, Benjamin Franklin once drafted a list of what he deemed the necessary virtues in life. But not all innovative people have been as lofty as Ben when it comes to list making: The Finnish architect Eero Saarinen’s to-do list included changing the lightbulb; elsewhere he listed the characteristics of his wife that he found most favorable. Eccentric and banal lists alike testify to our desire to cultivate order out of the messy shards of the everyday, and there is much to be gained from transmuting our goals into brief notes on a piece of paper.

Psychologists have found that we’re hard-wired to function better when we have a plan. In 1927, Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik found that people recall unfinished tasks more accurately than finished ones. Psychologists R.F. Baumeister and E.J. Masicampo have since updated the so-called Zeigarnik effect when they discovered that people also perform better at one task once they’ve created a concrete plan for completing their other uncompleted tasks. Using this logic, it means you’ll more keenly tackle writing your staff newsletter if you’ve already created a plan to categorize last week’s emails afterward. By allotting yourself time to complete each task on your list, you’ll engage more presently with what’s at hand because you know the next activity will be given its own time in due course.

But sometimes even the most articulate and carefully crafted to-do lists can’t save us from procrastination or from the temptation to whip up a batch of scones instead of paying our gas bill. On some days, you just want to accept defeat from your overwhelming list of unaccomplished chores, responsibilities and life goals.

Fortunately, you can dispel anxiety over the unfinished entries of today’s list by condensing your unfinished list for tomorrow. To-do lists often work best when they value quality over quantity – Henry David Thoreau advised us to keep our accounts on our thumbnail, the shorter the better. The visceral act of checking a box can provide an addictive sense of satisfaction, but the best to-do lists should only contain essential tasks rather than fodder that makes us feel accomplished and ultimately distracted from our goals.

For everything else, we can forgive ourselves for allowing the dynamism of life to take us off course. Besides, if accomplishing everything requires us to sacrifice a meaningful engagement with our activities, perhaps it would be better to drop what we’re doing and make those scones after all.

by Sammi Massey

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in may

Petit Punch VieuxMay was a month that was filled with beauty, at least in regards to my blog posts.

Floral Wedding Make-up 5I shared a make-up and wedding hair tutorial for our upcoming anniversary photo shoot, and because it’s wedding season.

il_fullxfull.597864654_fcynThere were five fashion posts last month. I think that is the most that I have ever published! I showed you what was in the store, in addition to an OOTD specifically for men. This Etsy post had a lot of lovely comments from you, readers.

Terrarium Kit DIY 1I also experimented with wood and succulents. I had a Cellphone Holder DIY, Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelving, and a Terrarium Kit DIY.

Bedroom QuoteLast, but not least, this trend of grace also extended into my personal life when I made the beautifully terrifying decision to let go of a job that I have had for the last four years. Beauty is only skin deep.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.17.18 PMSee you tomorrow, friends.



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april : favourite things

HomeI’ve chosen to do something different to kick-start this month. Rather than recalling each post in April, I’m only going to choose a few of my favourites. I figure that it’ll be a much more simplified read for you, and more fun for me. :-)))

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThe photo of the day that seemed to set the entire mood for the month was a picture of an abandoned barn. The quote discussed the simplest things in life being the most realistic. This is something that I never believed in until recently, and have been actively trying to make my life less complicated in the meantime. It hasn’t been easy, but no one ever said that life would be.

Shrimp Pasta 7I ended up publishing three posts in regards to Easter last month. My best one, which was also a recipe post, was this Shrimp Pasta. It remains the most delicious pasta that I have tried (and made) to date.

Potholder DIY 1Speaking of the kitchen, I collaborated with my mother-in-law to publish a DIY that she had given to my husband and I. The Quilted Potholder was one of my most cherished presents from her. You can read why by visiting here.

PIC 14Lora Higgins from The Tiny House Teacher also had a guest post on Hello, Scarlett Blog. Her beautiful Tiny Home was featured here. I find her lifestyle to be so refreshing and truly an inspiration. If you missed her home, please check it out!

Breakfast at Tiffany's 8So what was my favourite post of the entire month? It was this one, which took me seven years to write.

LakeWhat do you think of my first ‘favourite things’ post? Should I go back to summarizing the entire month? Let me know in the comments below!



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giving at easter

untitledIn anticipation of this religious holiday, I was going to do my usual lead-up-to posts. From crafts, to recipes, to outfits, all things fun and cutesy for my readers. However, today I’ve chosen to swap out my 10 best Easter recipe post for one that is a little more meaningful.

Not too long ago, a story came to light in the news that I have been following very closely:

“Life was tough for 12 dachshunds before they arrived at the Saskatchewan SPCA earlier this month.

The neglected wiener dogs were rescued from a residence in Saskatchewan. Another eight dachshunds were rescued but had injuries that were too severe and couldn’t be saved. 

“Improper shelter, inadequate food or water and medical care not being provided, so these guys came to us and they were in poor shape,” Saskatoon SPCA executive director Patricia Cameron said. 

The survivors now need a lot of help, she said.

“All of the dogs need dental care and its going to actually amount to about $20,000 dollars, so we are appealing to the community to help these dogs.”

An investigation into what happened to these dogs is ongoing.”

– CBCNews, Saskatoon

untitled1This story really hit home with me, not only because because our own Holly is a Corgi/Dachshund mix, but because we also rescued her from the SPCA. I could never imagine doing this to her, let alone 20 little Dachshunds. So, because of Easter, and the sad nature of this tale, I’ve decided to donate money to the fundraiser for these Dachshunds and their medical bills. I’ve chosen Holy Guacamole in particular. He has the least amount raised so far, and has a cherry eye (just like Holly). You can see the Racing to a New Life campaign here.

You don’t have to donate to any organization this Easter, but I wholly encourage it. It doesn’t have to be to this fundraiser specifically, either. The possibilities are endless. There are a ton of local charities in every city and state on a global scale. If you do chose a rescue organization for animals though, think of it as the Easter Bunny visiting them in the shelter or their foster homes.

11102690_10153190998789443_807411854597704518_nHave an enjoyable and joyous weekend, everyone! See you on Easter Sunday.



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