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bathroom: after

bathroom-after-8Everyone, welcome to our new bathroom!

bathroom-after-6A few days ago I showed you the before pictures. It was a white disaster. We decided to go with grey for the walls. Always a creature of habit, this is the exact colour that we used in our first condo that we owned together, as well as in our next home. But it’s been a few years since then. When we went to the paint store, it was the first colour that I gravitated to, and Geoffrey agreed that it would look best. It’s called Fine Silver by CIL.

bathroom-after-7If you recall, I was originally going to choose one wall to hang wallpaper on. However, after searching through a few stores, I couldn’t find any wallpaper that I loved as much as what I hung in our back porch or what I saw on Pinterest. Still wanting a feature wall, I was contemplating painting one black. In being such a dark and drastic colour, I decided to paint all of the walls grey first, and if I felt that something was still lacking, to do it then. In the end, I’m glad that I decided to wait.

bathroom-after-3We purchased a new toilet for our bathroom. I also bought a white shelf to hang above the toilet, as well as a picture for the shelf. I reused an old tin as a plant pot and found a purpose for our IKEA spice rack that I gotten a few years ago but had never used. We put it above the sink and it now holds the hand soap and a succulent.

bathroom-after-2I love the way that the bathroom turned out. I think that it has a somewhat modern yet peaceful feel to it. I’m shying away from rustic elements with our new home given that it’s so old, and am going for more of an updated look but with modern and antique elements. I hope that it shows.



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bathroom: before

bathroom-before-2Remember this post? In it, I had written about how we were going to renovate our one and only bathroom. Today I will show you the before photos.

bathroom-before-1Everything in our bathroom was either white or a variation of white. This included the walls, baseboards, flooring, bathtub, sink, registers, and more. It was too much. It felt sterile and dated.

bathroom-before-5bathroom-before-6Additionally, the technique that they used on the baseboards made them look dirty. No matter how hard we scrubbed them, they never looked clean. It annoyed me to no end.

bathroom-before-3I really wanted to replace the linoleum flooring, and I even inquired about doing so over the Christmas break. However, given that we would have to remove absolutely everything in our bathroom, it would’ve turned into too big of a job. This is something that will have to wait until we have a second bathroom in the house, since we will be without a toilet while they replace the floor.

bathroom-before-4I’m so pleased with the way that our bathroom turned out. I’ll reveal those photos to you in a few days. I knew that this bathroom was ugly, but I didn’t realize just how ugly it was until we made it over.

Until then, stay tuned!



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remy’s room (part two)

remys-room-makeover-4Happy New Year, all!

Remember this post? The one that I published over two months ago saying that we made-over Remy’s room? Well, we’ve changed it yet again.

remys-room-makeover-1Above is a before photo.

remys-room-makeover-2This was the first make-over.

remys-room-makeover-4This is what her room looks like now.

remys-room-makeover-5These changes occurred over Christmas. While I was painting our bathroom (that we are also renovating), I started to compare that room’s shiny white baseboards to Remy’s ugly, beige baseboards. I felt guilty that her room was unfinished like that, so I told Geoffrey that over the holidays, I would also tackle the trim and doors in her room. The problem was that the old carpet rose quite high, and was too thick and stiff to either tape it off or to lay any protective material down so that I could paint the bottom of the baseboards. I knew that it would have to be ripped up.

After finding a great carpet store, I went in and explained my situation. We were initially going to tear out the carpet ourselves. I wanted to see the condition of the hardwood floors that were underneath. Our home is over 100 years old, so we are lucky in that most rooms have hardwood as their original flooring. This is something that I hope to expose and refinish someday soon. However, we wanted a quick fix for Remy’s room, and so we decided to stick with carpet. After peeling back the old stuff, we saw that the underlay had essentially turned to dust. We then agreed to get the carpet installers to tear it out in addition to installing the new flooring.

remys-room-makeover-6Everything went incredibly quick and smooth. I chose a dark grey carpet a few days before Christmas, and they came the morning before Christmas Eve to put it in. It went off without a hitch. Over the next few days I painted her room (in between visiting and hosting family), and decorated it in the dark after she went to bed on Boxing Day. That brings us to today!

The carpet and paint are two more huge improvements. Now I can officially cross her room off my to-do list for good. Hooray!



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santa baby, bring me some renovation materials tonight


Every year for Christmas, Geoffrey and I buy one another practical gifts. We’ve decided to try to renovate our bathroom over the holidays this year, and as such, I’ve been gathering inspirational photos from online.

Here are some of the bathrooms that I like most:





This won’t be a major transformation, as we’re not putting in much-needed new flooring. What we will focus on is replacing the toilet, hanging up wallpaper, scraping the popcorn ceiling, painting, and changing out the hardware. I can’t wait!



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the practicalities of living in your dream log cabin

Living in a log cabin is something many people dream of. It offers a relaxed way of living, allows you be close to nature gets you away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and cities. However, there are some practicalities when it comes to your beautiful log cabin. And as someone who lived in a barn up until recently, I have first-hand experience of this! If you’re hoping to make your dreams a reality, here are some tips to bear in mind.

pennsylvania-86614_960_720Picture credit

Will Your Family Grow?

This is the reason we ended up moving out of our barn in the end. As I explained in this post, when we were designing our home we didn’t account for having children. Or the practicalities that we would face after having a baby! If you’re a couple at the start of your journey together, when deciding on your log cabin this is definitely something to take into consideration. If you’re still set on a log home, make sure you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms if your family grows. And that you have easy access to the home with prams and young children in tow.

Are You Ok With Being Away From Amenities?

You might think that being secluded, and living in the middle of nowhere sounds perfect. Peace and quiet, picturesque scenery and a serene environment. But before taking the plunge, consider it carefully. Are you really ok with being away from shops, nightlife, hospitals, other people? For example surrounding our cabin was simply trees, dirt roads, and a lake- we had a school not too far away and a few neighbors but not much else. Living somewhere permanently isn’t like a vacation, make sure you would genuinely be happy to live ‘off the beaten track’. While it’s an incredibly freeing experience for some, it’s not for everyone. If you’re never lived in a desolate area before and are used to having everything you need a stone’s throw away, it could take some time to adjust.

Are You Ok With Maintenance?

Living in a wooden home is different to living in one made of brick or stone. There are various things that you have to take into consideration to keep it at it’s best. For example cabin staining products will need to be used every one to two years. This will ensure that the wood is kept protected from the elements and in good condition. UV guard products need to be used to prevent damage from the sun, and a range of pest protection products are also essential. Critters such as bugs and rodents are naturally attracted to wood and can cause expensive damage through boring, if this isn’t kept in check.

Despite all of this, living in a log cabin is a wonderful experience. If you get the chance to do so it’s well worth considering! Just go into it with your eyes open and knowing the challenges you may face, so you can be completely prepared.

Would you ever consider moving to a log cabin?

** This was a contributed post.

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