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Cell Phone Case 4Readers, how often do you replace your cellphone cases?

I bought my first iPhone nearly two years ago. You can read the post here. As a blogger, I must admit that maintaining emails and various social media platforms is greatly improved through the use of Apple products. While I was initially opposed to the popular brand, my trepidation was purely unwarranted. I can honestly say that an iPhone alone made my online presence much stronger than prior to owning one.

Cell Phone Case 1My first case was incredibly cute, and always reminded the little girl in me of Bugs Bunny. This time, I chose a cover by one of my favourite designers, Marc Jacobs. A black and white case, with hearts, and a dog? How could you go wrong?

Cell Phone Case 2If you would like a few more cellphone ideas, please check out this simple and stylish Wooden Cellphone Holder tutorial. It’s just as useful as a case itself!



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top tips for buying wedding rings (randor jewellery)

pic-2Top tips for buying wedding rings

The engagement ring is one of the most thought-about pieces of jewellery one will ever buy. It has to be perfect, right? But what about the wedding ring? It’s just as important! After all, it will spend forever on your beloved’s finger, snuggled right up against that engagement ring you took weeks to pick out. So, how do you find the perfect wedding ring? Here are some top tips to make buying that important piece of jewellery as effortless and fun as possible.

Know your budget

Once you get inside that jewellery store it’s very easy to be tempted to spend more than you can necessarily afford. Because of that, it’s important to go into shopping for your wedding ring with a clear idea of what you can afford. As a general guideline, consider allotting about 3-4 percent of your total wedding budget to your rings. The more you can afford to spend on your wedding, the more you can afford to spend on your rings, and vice versa. Having a budget before you step foot in the store will help you to stay focused. Don’t look at rings you can’t afford! Remember, there are beautiful choices at every price point.

pic-3Be metal savvy

There was a time when most weddings came in a choice of either gold or, well, gold. Nowadays, there are so many choices in terms of metals it can be daunting to make a decision. However, familiarizing yourself with the options can help narrow down your choices. Gold is still the most popular choice for wedding bands, but these days gold isn’t just gold. There is rose gold, white gold and traditional yellow gold to choose from. Then there is platinum (a more pricey choice) and titanium, which offers a more budget-friendly choice. Budget isn’t the only consideration when choosing metals, however. Certain metals look more complementary on certain skin tones. In addition, some people’s skin is more sensitive to certain metals than others, so you should take that into consideration as well. Finally, personal preference should always guide the choice as well.

Look for a deal

Never buy in the first store you visit. Even if you end up circling back to that store to buy the ring you saw on your first trip out, it’s always a good idea to visit more than one store to look for the perfect ring at the perfect price.

pic-1Rings don’t have to match

Although it is common for brides- and grooms-to-be to purchase rings in a set, it’s not necessary to do so. Each person’s ring should reflect his or her own personality and taste, and that could mean that they don’t necessarily match. This is also true of cases where perhaps one ring is a family heirloom and the other is a new purchase. It may be impossible to truly match one ring to the other, but by choosing rings that match each person’s personality the result will be a set of rings that is truly unique to the couple.

When it comes to wedding rings Toronto stores have an abundance to offer. There’s something for everyone!

Randor Jewellery


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floral make-up : how to

Floral Wedding Make-up 5For our fifth wedding anniversary this year, my husband and I will be having a photo shoot at the same locations and in our same ceremonial outfits that we wore five years ago! 

When we eloped in 2010, I did everything as frugally as possible. I purchased my dress for $9.99 on eBay, bought my shoes online, found my husband’s suit on the sale rack at Sears, took our own photos, went to a nearby Justice of the Peace, had the reception at hotel (which my siblings paid for), and did my own hair and make-up. I think that our most expensive item was my daisy bouquet and my husband’s corsage. Truthfully, we ended up making money off of our wedding. Much like a Kardashian, minus the deceit and publicity.

Also unlike a Kardashian, I strove to keep things simple that day. I am a lucky girl in that I have a sister who is an esthetician and a mum who was a hairdresser. Yet, I didn’t go to either of them for our wedding. My choice in make-up boiled down to what I was used to applying on a daily basis. This year, I would like to change that, since my preference in make-up, hair, and fashion has also changed. Now, I am a bit of a flower lover. :-)

This will be my Floral Make-Up look for our wedding anniversary session.

Floral Wedding Make-up 7Products:

Benzagel Gel
Neutrogena All-in-1 Lotion

Sephora Strawberry Macaroon Eyeshadow
Sephora Urban Decay Eyeshadow
MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow
MAC Make Your Mark Eyeshadow
MAC Black Liquid eyeliner
Sephora Rose Pop Blush
CoverGirl Ivory Foundation
Sephora Porcelaine powder
CoverGirl Mascara
MAC Real Doll Lipstick

Floral Wedding Make-up 1Steps:

1. After washing your face, apply your base products. (I use Benzagel to firm and tone my skin, and Neutrogena lotion over top to keep it clear and moisturized.)

2. Take your foundation and a sponge and apply it evenly to your face and neck. 

3. Next, apply the eyebrow tint. I use the same brown eyeshadow as on my eyes, mostly because it matches my brows, but also because I hate pencils. Sweep away any fallout with your foundation sponge.

4. Now for your eyes. Using the palest eyeshadow, cover your entire upper lid to the underside of your brow, as well as the tops of your cheekbones for extra shimmer. 

5. Next, take the light pink shadow and apply it to your upper lid and crease of your eye.

6. Do the same with the purple eyeshadow.

7. Repeat this step once more with the brown shadow. However, be sure to go lighter on your lid and a little heavier in the crease of your eye. Then, using a smaller brush, carry that color down to the underside of your bottom lid. Wipe away any fallout.

8. Take your eyeliner and make a large sweeping cat-eye. This will probably require a few coats.

9. Once you are done lining your eye, put mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

10. Next, apply blush to your cheekbones. I decided to go a little heavier since I want my cheeks to stand out.

11. The second last step is to apply powder to your entire face. This will aid in sealing your make-up.

12. Lastly, it is time for the lipstick. My favourite is my MAC pink lipstick, but red or a dark purple would look just as nice.

Floral Wedding Make-up 4Don’t be alarmed if you seem to attract the birds and the bees with this floral make-up! Not the metaphorical kind of course. Although, that would be nice as well. ;-)))



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bespectacled and spectacular

Bonlook 1I spend a lot of money on glasses. I was unfortunate enough to get my first pair in the fourth grade. When I was informed by the optometrist at the tender age of nine that I would have to start wearing eyeglasses, I had little time to process the information before I was rushed off to the next room, holding my mum’s hand, and told to pick out some alien and cumbersome eyewear that no one else in my class had to wear. On top of that, I was the new girl at school that year. How embarrassing.

I was crying too hard that day to even attempt to pick out my own glasses. Additionally, I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be looking for. My mum and the kind employee at the clinic did their best to help me. I vaguely remember wanting a spotted purple pair, typical of something that one would find in the children’s section of an eyeglass place. What I left with was a pair of gold-rimmed, oval-shaped eyewear. We now refer to them as my Harry Potter glasses. They may be stylish now, but were certainly not in 1994. At the time, I considered gold to be a material strictly reserved for old people, but I was much too shy to say anything. Inevitably, I looked horrendous.

Since then, I have gotten a new pair of glasses every year for the last twenty years. This has been the only perk of being cursed with bad eyesight. Gone are the days of my prescription and new frames totalling less than $100. Now when I get the bill, I can easily spend $700. This excludes the cost of the appointment. The biggest cost are the lenses, having to spend more to have their thickness filed down, and adding a multitude of extra protection since I wear them everyday. Over the last few years, I have therefore resorted to finding frames via the internet. This not only cuts the overall cost by one-third, but it also makes me the coolest and most unique cat on the block. Sure, I run the risk of having them not look or fit right, but by now, with two decades of experience, I know what I am looking for.

These have been my most recent and my prized frames, with links to the brand websites:


Bonlook 4Ray-Ban: This is when I was going through an “I’m sick of plastic frames” and “I’m obsessed with Mad Men” phase. I purchased these from the men’s side of an eyeglass store. I loved and still love the look of them. However, due to their wire frames, I instantly reverted back to my days of being in grade four. I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin when I wore them. Now, I keep them for wearing around the house. They are incredibly lightweight and give my ears a rest from my heavier plastic-framed glasses.


MOSCOT: Have you guys ever heard of or worn this particular brand? To this day, they are still my favourite company on the whole. Their eyeglasses are vintage-inspired, and their craftsmanship is bar none. I purchased a pair of tortoiseshell glasses from their website, after being able to upload a photograph and virtually try them on. The only downfall was that when they came, they were the heaviest frames that I had ever owned. As a result, I ended up getting a supplementary pair a few months later. However, I still have them and wear them on special occasions.


Bonlook 3Oliver Peoples: My mum will probably say that this was the pair of eyeglasses that she hated the most. I have to strongly disagree. They were jet black and had the thickest (and one of the lightest) frames that I have ever owned. They also fit my face like a glove, and never once hurt my ears nor did I experience any headaches. I constantly received compliments on them, and people referred to them as my Buddy Holly glasses. I loved them so much that after they became faded, I went and bought an exact replica pair. That was something that I had never and still have never done before. I literally wore the second pair until they fell apart, on my face, while I was still wearing them. I highly recommend Oliver Peoples glasses for their look and their comfort.


D&G: I despise this brand. Everyone who wants to be someone parades around this city in D&G garb. That said, I did purchase a pair of their eyewear (that I have now lost). My husband and I went eyeglass shopping together. He found his frames immediately, so we spent the next hour trying to find a pair for myself. My wish-list was tortoiseshell, cat-eye, and wide frames, given that I have an issue with many of them pinching the sides of my face. With the help of an employee, I must have tried on over 30 pairs. Only one fit, and these were it. They got the job done, but were not my most memorable pair of glasses.


Bonlook: I had first heard of this brand after I became an avid reader of Katie Shelton’s blog. Her personal style is something that resonates with me, and she always has the cutest damn glasses. I went to Bonlook’s website with an open mind. I left completely converted. Guys and girls, if you’ve ever wanted to shop for glasses online, this is the site to do it at. First of all, they categorize the glasses by frame shape. Good. Next, they do frame size. Great. They also filter by colour. Perfect. Last, and most importantly, they do it by how they fit on your face! Essentially, you can narrow the results by if you have a small, average, or large head. Oh-em-effing-gee. Coming from someone who always has the problem of pinching glasses, which consequently results in headaches, this was the answer to my prayers. Not only does the website provide photos of normal people wearing each pair of glasses, but it permits you to upload your own photo and virtually try them on. Additionally, once you purchase your frames, they ask you to take a selfie with a credit card under your nose so that they can measure your Pupillary Distance. It looks silly, but is extremely smart.

All of this is fine and dandy. The final steps are to email Bonlook your prescription and payment in a few easy, and safe, steps. Yet, I have left the best part out. Would you like to know it? The entire bill, from frames to lenses, came to a total of $127.00! I have not paid such a small amount since grade school. Never again will I shop from anywhere except for Bonlook.

Bonlook 4Have a wonderful week!



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etsy : items i love

il_fullxfull.631698308_plkyWelcome, Friday readers!

This week I found some really amazing items on Etsy that I just had to share with you.

il_fullxfull.594847643_j4m4The first are these Moonrise Kingdom-inspired notebooks by bestplayever.

il_fullxfull.724870480_enaoThis top by RogueMinxClothing is the bee’s knees.

il_fullxfull.631698136_qzqcThis skirt from the same store would go wonderfully with the cami above. I think I am in love.

il_fullxfull.358692058_rj3dThese Corgi earrings from fazjewelry are a must-have for any fan of the breed. They are just too cute!

Enjoy your weekend!



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