the truth about acreage living

12Both my husband and I thought we were acreage people. I lived on one when I was a child and can remember all the fun that my siblings and I had in the country. My husband spent his teenage years on one as well, up until his second year of post secondary schooling. When I was in university, we moved back to an acreage. My parents have been there ever since, and my husband and I have been living with them off and on over the past few years.

Many of you joined our roller coaster ride in our 5 month search for an acreage of our own. While we didn’t end up settling on one, we did purchase land in the country. Do you know what? I think it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s funny how you may think that you want something so badly, and go after it in full force, only to realize that it’s not what you wanted in the end. Living on an acreage at this stage in my life has made me realize that. All of our jobs are located in the city, on top of which our free time is also spent there. With no desire to spend our days off mowing the lawn, and no children to speak of, the only good thing about living in the country is the peace and quiet, and having space for our animals. I’m hoping that therefore our city-sized lot outside of the city will be the best of both worlds for us and our animals. At least for right now.

14Not everyone will share this opinion, just as I don’t expect them to. Some people are made for country life, like my mum. While she would probably whither up and die in the city, there are days when she, too, needs a break from it all. This was an email that I received from her one Sunday morning.

“So here’s my day so far…. Ben (dog) left a dead mouse in dog room. Two puncture wounds. Then he was sniffing dead grass. Grass went up his nose and he started choking. I pulled it out of his nostrils. A handful. The graham wafer broke while feeding the donkeys and Mama (donkey) bit my finger. Bleeding. Sam (mini horse) ran into page fence. Got his head stuck. Ripped hair and has two nasty holes on his face. Mesa (kitten) has climbed a tree and can’t get down. And it’s only 10:30 (am).”

I think that acreage living is suited best for children or individuals who either do not work away from home, or do not work at all. Those who fall in between can also make it work, but you had better like rising with the sun and going to bed at sundown. If you do, I applaud you.



13Above are photos that I have taken over the summer while living on my parent’s acreage.

adventures in real estate

IMG_1.jpgThank you so much for waiting patiently regarding my big real estate reveal. I had absolutely zero intentions on letting it go on this long! The truth is that Geoffrey and I were thrown for a loop. What does that mean exactly? Well its definition states “to upset someone unexpectedly and severely.” Never has that statement been more true in my entire life. What began as a want for more space turned into 5 months of acreage hunting, to finally end up with … buying an vacant lake lot at a provincial park! Who knew that our search for an old farmhouse on a couple of acres would have brought us to having no house on a double lot. We are excited. Honestly! We went in every direction searching for inexpensive acreages. North of the city was too expensive and barren, East was nice but too far, and West was rough around the edges. The first time we actually began considering South of the city was when we looked at this property here.

IMG_2.jpgThat house was not for us, however, the direction finally was! A few weeks after viewing that home, I took a drive over to the nearby regional park. What I felt when I got there was intense, immediate, and unexpected. I felt like I was home. Well, a mix of camping and home. I knew that our location search was over, and I couldn’t wait to call Geoffrey and our realtor. A few days later we went and looked at three homes. Two were on leased lots so we nixed them right away, while the third was an acreage within the village that we wanted to live in. While we did like it, it was conditionally sold after being on the market for only 3 days. That was the extent of homes that were for sale. I felt a little defeated, and like we were back at square one. That is until I noticed that there was an empty lake lot for sale! Then, within a few weeks, we had put an offer on it, and it was conditionally sold to us! After five brutally long months, I thought that we had gotten the hardest part out of the way. Was I ever wrong.

Now I’m not entirely sure what day we actually wrote our offer on, but the Friday that Prudence was put to sleep, our realtor came over and put up a for sale sign on our property. Little Green wasn’t going to be online until Monday, but he was hoping to generate interest over the weekend. This is a rundown of the next few days:

May 9: Sign goes up.

May 12: Our home is visible to realtors only. 3 showings.

May 13: Still only visible to realtors. 4 showings.

May 14: It’s now available to the public. 3 showings. 3 offers. We accept the best one. Our home is sold upon removal of conditions.

May 15: 1 showing. I tell our realtor no more.

May 17: The buyers show up and start poking around in our backyard while we are home, and introduce themselves to our neighbours as the new home owners.

May 19: Open house. This was planned since the beginning, so we couldn’t back out.

May 21: Home inspection day. Morning- I get a phone call from our realtor telling us that the buyers have ended their relationship and are not going through with the purchase of our home. Afternoon- our house goes back on the market. Evening- 1 showing. 2 offers. We accept the best one. Little Green has sold upon removal of conditions yet again.

IMG_3.jpgMay 21: Meanwhile, our contractor has went out to the lot that we were buying and informed us that the for sale sign was on the property next to ours, 30 ft away. The lot that we were buying was actually a ditch that was covered in trees and does not have a for sale sign (see above photo). That night I tell our realtor that we want out. However, the conditions have been removed and so begins a 5 day legal battle with us trying to get our deposit back.

IMG_4.jpgMay 26: 11 pm. Our realtor calls me one last time after the deadline has passed for the sellers releasing our cheque. He tells me that the sellers will give us the “good” lot (see above photo) that we originally thought that we were purchasing instead of the “bad” lot that we were locked into. We accept the offer, and can finally move forward again!

IMG_5June 1: Geoffrey and I move out of Little Green and into a temporary home on an acreage. This is where we will be living until our home is completed. After it was all said and done, I have gotten so much from this experience and have learned to trust no one in business deals, even realtors. This has been the most trying house hunting experience that we have ever had. However, I think that it will only make for a happy ending to our real estate story. 

Now readers, please get ready for a summer filled with posts on building our new home! We have already named it ‘The Little Barn’.



catch the wind in donovan

IMG_1.jpgIMG_2.jpgIMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpgIMG_7.jpgIMG_8.jpg IMG_3.jpgIMG_9.jpgAlright, folks. This will be my last post in my house hunting series. As I mentioned last week, we recently put our house on the market. So much has happened in the last two weeks alone, but you will have to wait a few more days until I divulge what exactly that entails. Until then, here is the last home that we looked at. It was an acreage located in Donovan, SK. 

So why didn’t we buy this one? Well, it was 30 minutes from the city, almost half of which was on a poor highway. While it was classified as an acreage, it was actually less than 1 acre and was located in a small town. Everything in the house needed to be updated, and it was probably about $50,000 overpriced. It just wasn’t for us. However, there were two good outcomes with seeing this property. One was that we would never have discovered the auction that was happening in a small nearby town. The other was that it was our first time seriously considering living south of the city. This latter point relates directly to my future announcement. Stay tuned, friends!


a peek inside little green

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.01.05 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.01.37 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.01.54 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.02.22 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.03.16 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.03.44 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.04.35 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.04.58 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.05.41 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.06.02 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.06.40 AMHey guys, we finally did it! Our home, Little Green, is officially on the market! I sort of thought that this day would never come, only because we were so close to listing it before and I completely backed out. The truth is that about two months ago, we had put an offer on an acreage. My husband absolutely loved it, and it checked all of our boxes for what our dream home must have. However, I did not share my husband’s enthusiasm. Knowing that Little Green was going to someone else, while I preferred it over the acreage that we were bidding on, almost destroyed me. Suffice it to say that it didn’t end up being listed because we didn’t get the house in the end. 

I have some real estate news that I am keeping a secret from you. I have one more acreage post to show you, before I publish the big reveal in our house hunting drama. It’s good news though, I promise. In the meantime, here is a more complete look at our home. Over the past year I have been showing you bits and pieces of Little Green. From our new bedroom, to our staircase, to our decor here and here, to my guest post on Hello, Mr. Rabbit. The latter was a complete house tour, but since then, I have changed the look of our home. Does anyone else get restless and move furniture around every few weeks or months like I do? Anyway, here is the most updated view of Little Green. I hope that you enjoy this glance, and stay tuned for my announcement!


winter turns into spring, and the hunt continues

photo 1.jpg photo 2.jpgphoto 3.jpg photo 4.jpgphoto 7.jpg photo 8.jpgphoto 5.jpg photo 6.jpgphoto 9.jpg photo 11.jpgWelcome to month number five of our hunt for an acreage! While this has been a long and sometimes draining search, I feel as if it is soon coming to an end. In a good way, of course. Last month, during Easter long weekend, we looked at a property that was located 30 minutes north of our city. The drive was beautiful, and pulling up to the lonely acreage on a grey day felt like we were in a scene from Beetlejuice. Does the house remind you of that as well? I love/loved it!

When I entered the home I felt as if I didn’t want to leave. I had a sudden urge to quit my job at the library and to stay there and bake pies and can preserves. I do not do those things now, but the home made me feel like a prairie housewife. Our realtor even took a seat in the rocking chair that was next to the propane stove and said he felt like staying there and reading a book. The property was cozy, homey, and had special powers over all of us. To make it more in our favour, we had brought our two little dogs and they ran around and around the yard. They seemed so happy, which made me ecstatic.

While it felt so great to be there, the drive was much too long. This is why it is taking us so long to find our perfect property. It always seems to be something. Like I said, we will keep on keepin’ on, because I know our next home is just around the corner. Sooner or later, I will have some exciting news to reveal to you all. <3 


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