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“What’s meant to come into your life will come. Everything will work out sooner or later. And it will work out in the most magnificent ways that you didn’t even see coming. Let go of your worries and overthinking, surrender to the infinite positive possibilities. Put your focus into abundant energies of gratitude, joy, love daily and watch magic unfold before your eyes.”

Moon Omens via Instagram

I will be taking a short break from social media. With the busyness of fall and all that it will bring- preschool, home renovations, and more- I am already finding it harder to pour my energy into this blog.

I am also feeling a change coming. One for the better. I am hopeful that this world will become easier to live in, and that everything will return back to “normal” sooner rather than later. Our mental and physical health will improve, because we will actively try to make it! It’s time to let go of those negatives thoughts and energy. They aren’t doing anyone any good.

See you soon!


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a summer of change.

BeFunky_untitled.jpgI am probably going to annoy certain family members with this post today, but I’ve been learning to trust my instincts in regards to blogging and to treat it like a diary when I need to get things off my chest. Don’t worry though followers, I will not drag you down. :-)))

At the beginning of the summer, I came across a meme on Instagram that said ‘let this be the one summer that changes you’. When I read that, I said to myself, “yes, let it.” I had plans to travel, to have loads of fun, and to be carefree. It turns out that my summer went in the opposite direction. Consequently, the sequence of events that occured over the past few months have allowed me, for the first time in my life, to blossom into a strong young woman. While I am aware that I still have many faults and triggers of weakness, I am significantly more confident coming out of the summer than I was going in.

As I near the end of my 28th year on this planet, I have come to realize that I have come a long way since my beginnings. Mostly over the past three months. This summer I took on building a house, opening up a retail store, moving back in with my parents, quitting my position at the library and taking another one, dealing with Holly’s numerous health problems, and fighting repeatedly with certain family members, all for the first time. For those of you who think that family should be there for love and support and should never fight, I think that you are mistaken. There’s a reason that both words begin with the letter ‘f’. Not to mention another bad word. I have always known that friends come and go and thought that family would always be there for me. This is not the case at all. This summer I was betrayed by certain members on both sides of my family. Instead of ignoring the problem like I usually do and hiding my feelings, I decided to stand up for myself. I bravely chose to cut off communication with those family members. Do you know what? The world did not end, nor did I feel any guilt. Just the opposite. For the first time in over five years I have learned to let go of my negative feelings associated with these people, and to move on. While I wish that I did have their love and respect, not having it was incredibly painful. Their constant criticism was draining and their blatant actions to ignore me and what is important in my life was beyond hurtful.

While some may view this as running away from the problem, I see it as the opposite. For years I tried to mend things but in the end it was they who did not want to meet me halfway. Or even a quarter of the way. I feel as if I could do no more to fix these relationships. 

While things may change in the future, and I do hope that someday they will, right now I could not be more relieved. I no longer worry about them or what they think of me. I am living proof that no one should be dragged down by negative relationships, whether it is your friends or your family. You cannot change someone or make them like you if they do not want to. At some point you just need to say that you are done.

In the end, it did turn out to be an amazing summer of change because I learned an invaluable life lesson. I learn to be strong, to stand up for what I believe in, and above all, to take shit from no one.



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