eaves, soffit, and fascia, oh my

IMG_6404Hey guys! What did you get up to this weekend? I actually had both days off, which is very rare for me. I decided to use the time that I did have away from work wisely. I got tons of errands done, visited with my family, went to a local food event, took the dogs for tons of walks, checked on the progress of our lot, and spent much needed time with my husband. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

IMG_6405Today is the day that I’m actually going to reveal to you all the color of the roof and the windows that we have chosen! I must admit that after the initial window post I seriously reconsidered what we did pick. Most of you suggested that we go with the option of the red roof and the red windows. While I know that would have been a beautiful option, we didn’t go with those colours in the end. 

Scan-beige-brownSo what did we choose? The brown roof and the sandstone windows! I think that this will be better for us merely because each cabin that I do strive to model ours after seem to have more muted tones rather than more vibrant ones. Even though our home will be new, I want it to look as if it has existed on that spot for decades. I prefer it to look weathered over sparkling.

IMG_6403That being said, we still had the decision of what color of eaves, soffit, and fascia to choose. We found an old barn that is similar in color to what our new home is going to be, and brought along our samples. We ended up picking more brown tones for the three materials. I think by limiting the number of different colours that are going into our exterior, it will only aid in pulling the overall house together.

I can’t wait to see the finished product! Are you excited as well? 

Have a great week!



I’m Dreaming of a White Roof.

IMG_1.jpgEarlier this fall, Little Green received a makeover! Gone were her old shingles and on went a white metal roof. How do you type a whistle? Anyway, that’s not all that she received. Initially, we were given a quote that seemed extremely inexpensive. All that our contractors had to do was remove the old roofing and put on the new one. They came on a Friday and said that it would be done on Monday. What was supposed to take two days turned into nearly two months! Does this ever happen to anyone else?

This is what Little Green ended up needing:

– the removal of 3 (and sometimes 4) layers of shingles

– a new supporting beam in our kitchen addition

– insulation in the ceiling of our entryway

– new plywood in place of the old wood with dry rot

– the roof itself to be extended on one side

– new soffit

– new fascia

– new eaves troughs (still waiting for those)

– new siding on our second floor

– oh, and a metal roof, of course

IMG_2.jpg IMG_3.jpgIMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpgWe ended up paying three times the original quoted amount. However, now Little Green is more structurally sound and much warmer than ever before. Although her roof is currently covered in some Canadian snow and all of our neighbours’ roofs match Little Green’s, believe me when I say that when it’s bare, it’s very beautiful!

IMG_6.jpgNow to figure out what colour to paint the rest of our home. Any suggestions?


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