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Gender Prediction Test - 1

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Being that it is our first child, my husband and I were adamant that we would not find out the sex of our baby. However, this hasn’t stopped us from guessing what it could be all along. Nearly my entire family, as well as all of my friends, think that I am having a boy. My mum and husband are convinced that it will be a girl. Although I would be so thrilled to have a girl, I too feel as if I am carrying a boy. 

Necklace Test:

In the meantime, we have been conducting gender prediction tests that are based around old wives tales. The first one that we did was the necklace test. For this one, you simply need a necklace with a pendant or ring on the end of it. Then, you or your partner can swing it over your stomach. If it swings back and forth, your child will be a boy. If it swings in circles, it means that it’s a girl. Geoffrey and I tried this twice each. My results were boy, and his were girl. Inevitably, they were inconclusive.

Baking Soda Test:

The next test that I did was the baking soda test. In this one, you fill a cup or container with two tablespoons of baking soda. Then, you pee in it! If the mixture remains flat, then it’s a girl. If it fizzes, then it’s a boy. Mine fizzed.

Gender Prediction Test - 3

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Mayan System Test:

Lastly, there is the Mayan system test. If the mother’s age and the year the baby was conceived are both even or odd, then it will be a girl. If one is even and the other is odd, then it is a boy. I was 29 in 2015. The results: boy.

There are so many more tests that you can try at home. For more ideas, click here.

One week until my due date! In the end, only time will tell.

What gender do you think our baby will be?



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