10 tips for adopting a dog

We are living in the middle of a pandemic and it’s become obvious that many families are investing in new puppies to “curb the boredom” of lockdown. Most people are only permitted to head out for a walk once or twice a day, and with more people working from home than ever, the rates of adopting a new dog are on the rise. Adopting a dog has a ton of benefits and most of them are not considered before the adoption takes place. Adoption is one of the most selfless things that you can do for a dog who has been waiting for a loving home for some time. Dogs up for adoption often have predictable personalities and it’s these that make you feel secure when adopting a new pet for the family. The best bit about adoption is that you are rescuing a dog from a shelter life, giving the space for another dog who needs it.

A lot of families choose to head to https://chocolatelabradorretriever.ca/lab-puppies-for-sale and buy a new puppy so that the dog can grow with the family. Puppies are always a lovely idea for a young family, but there are many out there that prefer to adopt a more senior dog who is already aware of what it’s like to be around people. Most are also already house broken, and that means they are ready to move in with a family most of the time. Before you go ahead to your local shelter, it will help to know everything that you can to make adoption the best option for your family. To that end, we have ten tips for you below that will give you some pause for thought before you go ahead and adopt your new dog!

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Prepare for the time this will take

Did you know that the adoption process can be a long one? New dogs should never be something you invest in on a total whim. This dog is going to be in your life for some time, with a minimum of (hopefully!) a decade of life ahead. This life is going to be shared with you, with your dog being loyal to you the entire time. You need to think about the kind of dog you want and the temperament that you want from your dog, too. Make a list of the things that would be must-haves and nice-to-haves, from the breed to the size of the dog. When you adopt a dog, you have to go through stages of home visits, paperwork, choosing whether your children will be open to the idea of a new dog. You can find a match for your family when you stop envisioning the TV ideal of the perfect dog and color of their hair! So, before you go in, know that this will take some time to iron out.

Choose a breed rescue

If you are finding it hard to look for the right dog – or any dog, to fit your family – then perhaps looking to a smaller breed is a good idea? Smaller rescues often don’t have large websites or a lot of money and your contribution to them can keep other dogs looked after while they await new homes. Smaller rescues also often offer specific breeds, so if you have a breed in mind, you’re going to do far better with a smaller rescue than a large home. Of course, it goes without saying that you should do a background check first and be thorough about it!

Go local first

So many people choose to rescue dogs from countries abroad, taking the time to go through quarantines and injections and this can be pretty pricey. The thing is, vets are worried about imported dogs and most of the time it’s because those bringing them over don’t go through the appropriate channels or get the right injections. These dogs are also often brought here on forged passports, which is not ideal! If dogs are improperly bred or bred in poor conditions, the impact of undetected foreign disease can be detrimental for the family. Rescuing from abroad may be the fashionable thing to do, but it’s not always the best thing to do.

Visit more than once

Before you bring a dog home from a rescue go and see them a couple of times. Rescue dogs need to be reassured of your commitment so a few visits will help you to do that. It gives you a chance to meet them and bond a little, and they get a chance to know that you’ll come back for them. It’s a good way to build up some trust. The first visit should be just you but the next one should be with the children if you have any. This way, your dog will know what to expect when you take him home for good.

Get a history

You should never take home a dog without a full medical history from the rescue center or breeder. You need the paperwork and the reputable places will vet-check the dogs on entry.

Image Source: Pexels

Ask questions

You shouldn’t take your new doggy pick home until you have assessed their training and behavior needs. Not all dogs are house trained or lead trained, though most are. This will help you to get classes in place so that you can ensure that they are trained properly in no time at all.

Take him to the vet

Within the first week of rescuing your dog, take him to the new vet so that they can get acquainted and a check-up can be completed. It’s tempting to keep your dog at home but the best thing to do is have the checkup to determine any required vaccinations and flea treatments.

Buy pet insurance

You may have already thought of this one as you choose to have a dog, but pet insurance is a must. Not only this, but you want to have the right type of pet insurance. There are tons of different types but with older dogs and the increased likelihood of needed treatment later on, the bigger the pet insurance the better.

Start getting the house ready

There is a chance that you’re not bringing home a tiny puppy, but your rescue will still need to feel safe and secure. Having a dedicated quiet space for him to escape to is a must, and you need to ensure that you have puppy pads ready for those nervous urinators! Install a dog toilet space outside the back and have the lead hung in plain sight of their bed – which should be appropriately sized and comfortable.

Lower your expectations

As much as you need to settle in with a new dog, your dog has to settle with you, too, and this will take some time. Adoption takes time to settle and you need to get to know each other!

When you choose to adopt a dog, you are choosing to commit yourself and your family to the love of another being. This means taking time and being patient. Your dog may be nervous, he may cry and he may not feel settled for some time. It’s very important, then, that you give your family and your dog the time they need to get used to each other. Once you do that, you can enjoy a happy dog in a happier house, knowing that they will have forever with you to be loved and love you back.

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how to take beautiful maternity photos while on a budget

Your body while it’s carrying your baby to be can make for some amazing photos. If you’re an up and coming mother, you should consider taking a few portraits that capture the emotions you’re holding while you wait for your baby’s birth.

With that said, professional photos can be expensive. A skilled photographer has to have compensation, and rightfully so. It’s their job. If you’re budgeting for your parenthood, you may not want to spend too much on photos. Luckily, there are ways you can take some beautiful photos on a budget. Here’s how.


Have you found a great photographer whose style matches what you’re looking for, but their prices are too high? You may feel tempted to back down and try someone else. However, before you do that, talk to them. They may be willing to cut you a deal, a payment plan (more on that later,) or recommend a cheaper photographer. It doesn’t hurt to inquire about the services. Just remember that some photographer’s prices are firm. You can check out FamilyHype.com for more information on this as well.

Seek an Amateur Photographer

Photography is a profession that has a low barrier of entry because of how cheap cameras are nowadays. Chances are, you can find an aspiring photographer in your area with a DSLR and a passion for shooting. Ask around. You may find someone with some skills, but perhaps not all the equipment a professional has.

With that said, the photographer should have somewhat of a portfolio. Even an amateur has probably shot a few people in their day.

Also, pay your photographers. Even if they are willing to do it for free to build up their portfolio, a tip can show them that you care about their work and can appreciate what they do.

Be Simple

When you’re taking photos, you may feel the temptation to be a little extra. Props, extravagant locations, a huge set like you’re shooting in a movie. These can be fun, but let’s face it, you’re on a budget. Sometimes, it’s okay to be simple. Shooting at a creek, a backyard, a field, or any other location that’s easy to access may be for the better. It’s more affordable, and simplicity is the best solution at times.

Edit Later

When it comes to photos, digital retouching and editing can be an extra cost that breaks the bank. It’s possible to ask for retouching later on the road. You can edit them anytime, but your pregnancy only lasts for so long.

Ask for a Payment Plan

If you do want to hire a more expensive photographer, perhaps you can offer a payment plan. It may be easier to pay off your photos over time than it is to pay all at once. Some photographers may be more empathetic towards expectant parents, as long as you can make your payments on time.

Try a Phone

This may sound a little too low budget, but honestly, you can get some beautiful photos out of phones nowadays. Newer phones like the Galaxy S9 have some DSLR options, and there are filters to correct any blemishes and make them look beautiful. You can make your photos rich in color, make them beautiful black and white, and much more. While they are not a complete substitute for a professional camera, it’s a worthier replacement as time marches on. We say that it may be worth a shot if your budget is extremely tight.

Look for Discounts

Finally, there is always a chance a photographer is having a discount or a deal. For example, they may offer so much off if you recommend them to someone else, or they may have coupons. Some photographers may charge less if you sign up for an email newsletter. Discounts and deals are one of the biggest ways a business can reel in new clients, and one near you may be offering. Try it and see what you can find.

Striking that balance between a beautiful maternity photo and a photographer that doesn’t charge much can be a challenge. However, if you play it smart, you may a photographer that’s suitable for what you need. Talk to a few and see what you can find.

** This was a contributed post.

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the benefits of an inflatable hot tub

homax2person-1024x404Inflatable hot tubs are a great investment, and there are a number of benefits of ownership. These are some of the benefits of an inflatable hot tub homeowners will realize, upon investing in one.

intexpurespaThey are large and movable –
Sure, you can have one installed. But, this limits where it can be used, the number of people, and when it can be used; plus they are far pricier than inflatable tubs. With inflatable hot tubs, you choose where to put them, they come in varying sizes which can seat many people, offer extreme levels of comfort, and you can enjoy them year round. You have more control, you choose where they go, and you can truly utilise the full outdoor area of the home with them.

hottubrunningcostsMany features and design –
More and more manufacturers are developing these inflatable tubs. So, you can find many shapes, sizes, design options, features (bubbles, jets, speeds, pillows, etc.) from which to choose. They come in so many varieties, that any homeowner is bound to find what works for their family and friends, when investing in these tubs.

hottubstepsThey are durable –
You may think they aren’t durable, but they are. The great quality exterior and interior finishes are not only capable of handling heavy weight amounts, but can take punctures, varying pressure levels, and are developed to withstand various forms of use and abuse. So, if you are weary of quality, do some research (to find top, well known brands) but you can be rest assured the right tub is built to last. One other major benefit is the cost; they are far cheaper than built in tubs for a homeowner, although there are still running costs of hot tubs that should be considered. With the right inflatable tubs, you can enjoy your outdoor space year round and truly take in the relaxing benefits of owning a hot tub for your personal enjoyment at home.

This was a sponsored post. I’m thankful for the brands and websites that I can partner with! (Especially ones that are right in time for the summer months!)

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kinfolk : a coffee menu

Kinfolk_Vol15_CaffeinealaCarte-2Words by Liz Clayton. Top Photograph by Gentl & Hyers. Bottom Photograph by Emory Ann Kurysh. Food Styling by Camille Becerra.

Everything in your life can be coffee if you really want it to be. It just makes sense. Coffee, and its ability to somehow soothe and vivify at the same time, provides a through-line in so many of our lives. From unconsciousness into morning, it sparks creativity at work and later revitalizes us for the playtime that comes after. So why limit its gifts to those of imbibement? Coffee, whether it’s in your body, on your body or simply near it, can surround you with its comfort in so very many ways.

Beyond merely drinking this magical elixir, there are myriad ways to consume it. In fact, coffee was originally eaten rather than brewed. According to ancient legend, there was a goatherd named Kaldi whose dancing, leaping charges revealed that the source of their jubilation was grazing on the fruits of the wild coffee bushes of Ethiopia. In modern times, we’ve figured out a more bingeable, chocolate-enrobed version of this stimulant, and infusing food with coffee has only become more elegant as chefs learn more about the subtlety and variation of roasts and origins. It’s a natural fit in beer: The sweet deep tones of a sultry roasted coffee can be perfectly suited to the palates of porters or chocolatey stouts. Ground espresso has found its way into spice mixes for delectable meat rubs, combining beautifully with ingredients such as cocoa, Tellicherry pepper and sumac. Coffee and cheese also make surprisingly friendly bedfellows (you’ll find it in aromatic rinds and other mysterious places), and let’s not forget the supreme expression of coffee in any proximity to ice cream.

Coffee can be all around you in the home too. You can put it on your furniture—on purpose, even—as a gentle-tinted wood stain, or apply it with a small brush or swab as a scratch cover. Spent coffee grounds can clean and scrub your pots and pans, and what’s more, they can do the same for your skin: Moistened coffee grounds either used on their own as a skin exfoliant or incorporated into lotions as part of a stimulating coffee massage therapy treatment are credited with stimulating circulation and transmitting their anti-oxidant benefits to the skin. It also has heaps of beneficial uses in the garden from general-purpose composting to intentionally rebalancing your soil’s acidity. Want to change the color of your hydrangeas? Coffee grounds are here to help you go from white to blue.

And if coffee has awakened your artistic side after all that cooking, gardening and spa therapy, anything leftover in the pot makes a lovely watercolor-like paint. It’s a classic aid in creating an antique effect on paper—just remember, would-be historic-document forgers, that your papers will smell revealingly, deliciously like what you’ve been brewing all along.

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top tips for buying wedding rings (randor jewellery)

pic-2Top tips for buying wedding rings

The engagement ring is one of the most thought-about pieces of jewellery one will ever buy. It has to be perfect, right? But what about the wedding ring? It’s just as important! After all, it will spend forever on your beloved’s finger, snuggled right up against that engagement ring you took weeks to pick out. So, how do you find the perfect wedding ring? Here are some top tips to make buying that important piece of jewellery as effortless and fun as possible.

Know your budget

Once you get inside that jewellery store it’s very easy to be tempted to spend more than you can necessarily afford. Because of that, it’s important to go into shopping for your wedding ring with a clear idea of what you can afford. As a general guideline, consider allotting about 3-4 percent of your total wedding budget to your rings. The more you can afford to spend on your wedding, the more you can afford to spend on your rings, and vice versa. Having a budget before you step foot in the store will help you to stay focused. Don’t look at rings you can’t afford! Remember, there are beautiful choices at every price point.

pic-3Be metal savvy

There was a time when most weddings came in a choice of either gold or, well, gold. Nowadays, there are so many choices in terms of metals it can be daunting to make a decision. However, familiarizing yourself with the options can help narrow down your choices. Gold is still the most popular choice for wedding bands, but these days gold isn’t just gold. There is rose gold, white gold and traditional yellow gold to choose from. Then there is platinum (a more pricey choice) and titanium, which offers a more budget-friendly choice. Budget isn’t the only consideration when choosing metals, however. Certain metals look more complementary on certain skin tones. In addition, some people’s skin is more sensitive to certain metals than others, so you should take that into consideration as well. Finally, personal preference should always guide the choice as well.

Look for a deal

Never buy in the first store you visit. Even if you end up circling back to that store to buy the ring you saw on your first trip out, it’s always a good idea to visit more than one store to look for the perfect ring at the perfect price.

pic-1Rings don’t have to match

Although it is common for brides- and grooms-to-be to purchase rings in a set, it’s not necessary to do so. Each person’s ring should reflect his or her own personality and taste, and that could mean that they don’t necessarily match. This is also true of cases where perhaps one ring is a family heirloom and the other is a new purchase. It may be impossible to truly match one ring to the other, but by choosing rings that match each person’s personality the result will be a set of rings that is truly unique to the couple.

When it comes to wedding rings Toronto stores have an abundance to offer. There’s something for everyone!

Randor Jewellery


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