helter skelter – one year later

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Ever since I first read this article yesterday morning, I have been back and forth as to whether or not I should publish this post. One reason that I am so hesitant is because it follows topics that I normally don’t try to associate with my blog. Another is because I am not supposed to be blogging for a few days! But, just because I want to get away doesn’t mean that the world also stops around me. So here I am.

About a year ago, I posted my review of Helter Skelter after having read the book for the first time. Now I was nowhere near being able to witness the Manson murders unfolding in the news, nor the immediate aftermath. In fact, the book itself was published 11 years before I was born. However, it is one that my mum told me time and time again to read, and so last year, I finally did.

Two nights ago, my mum had made a completely unrelated comment to me regarding Charles Manson. Then yesterday morning, when I logged onto the Us Magazine website of all places, the first article that came up was entitled, “Charles Manson, Mass Murderer, to Marry 26-Year-Old Prison Visitor.” Eerie, I thought, given that we were just talking about him. However, my mum and I are strange that way. We often think about people immediately before something significant happens to them. Inevitably, while I found it eerie, I wasn’t at all surprised that Manson was there in the news. I could not help but click on the article.

The article from the celebrity magazine was without a doubt a very short and biased piece. Mockingly referring to Manson’s fiancé as “the lucky lady,” and to Manson himself as her “sweetheart” and “the happy couple,” the writer was obviously against their decision to wed. Whatever happened to journalism being objective? I get that this it Us Magazine, and that there are much more informative pieces out there, but come on.

That is not to say that I am in favour of Manson and Burton getting married. In all honesty, I felt nothing after reading the article except perhaps a little bit of curiosity. The comments were as suspected. Readers were outraged towards this impending union, other readers attacked those readers for their so-called hatred or stupidity, still others who questioned the law, brought up the gay rights movement, Hitler, Polanski and child molestation, you name it. No controversial stone was left unturned.

What did I do after that? Clicked on Burton’s website and began to read her “truths” about the man she loved. If nothing else, she is a fellow blogger, and I wanted to read what she had to say.

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While this post obviously deals with heavier issues than I am used to discussing, I am curious to hear your opinions on this matter, if you have any. If not, have a fantastic Wednesday!



helter skelter.


helter skelter is the best true crime story that i have ever read. it is also the only one that has truly ever scared me. based on the true story of the manson murders, and written by vincent bugliosi and curt gentry, this work of nonfiction is nothing short of brilliant.

bugliosi and gentry begin the book as ‘part 1: the murders’ followed by four lines from the beatles’ ‘baby you’re a rich man’. “how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?” because manson based his philosophies on both the beatles and the bible, there is repeated reference to the lyrics of the fab four.

bugliosi and gentry make sure that no detail of the horrible crimes is left untold. whether they are writing about blood spatter, orgies, the murders, or the family members, they prove themselves to be thorough and expert storytellers.

if you plan to read or reread helter skelter, then i suggest getting a copy that contains the new afterward by bugliosi. in it, he gives more of his personal views on manson himself, the world’s fascination with said serial killer, and updates on the family. while it is by no means long, it is extremely insightful and interesting. it also provides closure to a story that can never really end.

bugliosi writes, “the very name ‘manson’ has become a metaphor for evil, catapulting him to near mythological proportions. charles manson has come to represent the dark and malignant side of humanity; and again, there is a side to human nature that is fascinated by pure, unalloyed evil.”

how correct that statement is. however, it is also part of human nature to be curious, and that we cannot be faulted for. perhaps these are the reasons that for years i have been told by my mother to read helter skelter. she said that i cannot call myself a true crime fan until i read this story. how right she was.

it is not surprising that helter skelter is the #1 true crime best seller of all time. no one could have told or written it better than the prosecutor of charles manson or his family than bugliosi himself.


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