• Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome!

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    Water baby. This is Remy's new "walk." I feel like it's an indication that she's spending way too much time with our dogs. 👶🏼🐶🤦🏼‍♀️
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life with a toddler: early mornings

As I write this, Remy is currently twelve months old. From the moment she wakes up, she turbo crawls around the house all day long, quickly destroying one room at a time. Lately, her favourite has been removing the contents in the kitchen cupboards. She will open every door and pull everything out into the middle of the room. Once the cabinets are sufficiently emptied, she is satisfied. I clean it all up after her, putting everything back in its place. When she hears me shut the doors to the cabinets, she races back into the room, and pulls everything out once again.

I love this game of ours. I love the chaos that she creates. I want to capture these messes so that I may always remember them, rather than be ashamed of a somewhat ravaged home. To me, it’s a sign of a happy, healthy, and mischievous little girl.

This is our life with a toddler. My heart is so full.



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5 months

IMG_6814My little Remy is five months old today. Here are her latest milestones:

– She know how to grab and put things in and out of her mouth
– Goes days without crying
– Blows raspberries
– Sucks on her toes
– Is teething ferociously 
– Now eats every 2.5 hours
– Sleeps about 10 hours a night
– Will deliberately place her mouth over yours and give kisses
– Pushes her knees and butt in the air during tummy time and tries to crawl
– Is still exclusively breastfed 

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetShe is the light of my life. I just love her!



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blankets and babies

Holly's Quilt - 5People have asked me in the past why I have a blog. If nothing else, it has been a great way to meet new and amazing people.

Holly's Quilt - 3In 2014 I wrote about how we could all use a good friend in our lives. The person that I was referring to was Holly from Noisette. She has been such a sweet and genuine presence in my life, albeit in an online and snail mail kind of way. Now, she has even reached out to little Remy! For that, I am so grateful.

Holly's Quilt - 9Holly's Quilt - 7We recently received this beautiful quilt in the mail from Holly. Every square inch of it is just so beautiful. From the colours to the prints, I am in love with every square inch of it. The back of the quilt even has the most whimsical rabbit pattern. Remy’s favourite toys so far have been her plush bunny toys. How she nailed both of our tastes so exquisitely I’ll never know. But it’s absolutely perfect.

Holly's Quilt - 4This is the first quilt that we’ve gotten as a gift. Remy has received the cutest supply of hand sewn blankets from her grandma, swaddling blankets from her Gigi, used blankets from her real aunt and cousins, and a crocheted blanket from her not-so-real aunt (my friend). They are, by far, my favourite gift to receive on her behalf. We always end up using several of them throughout the day. Also, who wouldn’t want to be kept warm and snuggly? I find them to be such a wonderful baby present.

Holly's Quilt - 8Happy Victoria Day, Canadians! Have a magnificent week, everyone. I’ll see you again on Thursday.



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time lapse video

Hello, everyone! It’s been one month to the day since my last blog post. The time has both flown and has slowly gone by, and I’ve been relishing every moment with my little one. 

I wanted to share a video with you that I made documenting my pregnancy. I had my photograph taken every two weeks whilst being pregnant, as I was curious to see how my body would change over the nine months. I also wanted our future baby to see how she grew inside of her mum.

While I won’t quite be returning to three or more posts a week, I do plan on getting back into the swing of things. I also did not take maternity leave, so things have been extra busy around here. In the meantime, it’s great to return to such a familiar and positive space, and I can’t wait to start talking to all of you again!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy.



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it’s my birthday

Thirty - 13Ladies and gentlemen. Today I am 30 years old.

A lot of people view entering a new decade as a pivotal life moment. I remember turning 20 and feeling so down. I used to think that 20 was old. Now, I would love to be that young again.

As I enter my 30s, I feel successful and accomplished. Perhaps not to other’s standards, but certainly to my own. I have a happy marriage and an amazing husband. I have a baby on the way. I own and operate my own small business and have professional experience within a library, which I now know will be my career path. I have a beautiful home, wonderful pets, a healthy body, and great family and friends. Most importantly, I finally have a secure life. That is truly all that I could ask for.

Thirty - 2Here are some photographs taken this weekend of our celebrations. They began Friday evening with a supper spent with my parents.

Thirty - 3Thirty - 4On Saturday night, we went to see the film Secret in their Eyes at our favourite theatre. There’s nothing quite like a great murder movie!

Thirty - 5Thirty - 6Thirty - 7Sunday morning was spent dropping my mum off at the airport. She is finally headed to her new home and life on the Canadian coast. The next time that we see her, we will have our little one.

Thirty - 8Thirty - 10IMG_0077Afterwards, we went to the Western Development Museum, just like we did for my birthday in 2013. However, it turns out that there were a few events occurring there. It was so busy that we decided to go Christmas shopping instead. (These were supposed to be our sad faces, but we clearly can’t act.)

Thirty - 9We returned home in the afternoon and I opened my gifts. My true birthday is on Monday, but because Geoffrey will be in school and working all day, we decided to celebrate it as if it were Sunday. 

Thirty - 14Thirty - 15Lastly, I spent the afternoon outside with the dogs. I had my new Kinfolk Home book, a coffee, and a warm barn. It was heaven.

Thirty - 12I can honestly say that this was the first birthday since my teenage years that I did not feel apprehensive about. If only I could feel this contented on every birthday to come.

Have the most marvellous week, family, friends, and followers! 



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