happy new year

With the New Year being just around the corner, I wanted to wish you all a happy 2020!

I don’t remember being particularly excited about the new year growing up. However, ever since having children, I consider it to be almost a magical time in our lives. It’s a symbol of new beginnings, of promise, and of what is to come. Over the last few years, I also consider it a time to start over and to become a better wife, mother, and person in general.

This year we have made three big resolutions to work on as a family rather than going it alone. With the busyness of our everyday lives, I feel like we sometimes are letting the temporary chaos get to us and we aren’t always putting our best foot forward. I want my children to grow up in the happiest and most loving household that I can give them.

Over this last year I have come to the harsh realization that just because people are part of your family, it doesn’t mean that they will love or even like you. Your parents, former stepparents, or whoever might fight tooth and nail to not be part of your life, and no amount of invites or tears or even showing up on their doorstep will make them be present or even care. Sometimes you will hear firsthand that they hate you, which is what you might need to finally move on. I’ve been told that it is just better to cut those hateful people out of your life- even if it hurts and it is the last thing that you wish to do. But making yourself happy is key to living a happier life, for yourself and your family.

This year we are all about love. We will surround ourselves with those family members who want to be in our lives and embrace them with open arms. This is Geoffrey and I making a conscious effort to become even better parents and better spouses. Our children will never question their worth or our love for them. Never. That’s the best gift that I can think to give them. (I also firmly believe that if we better ourselves then we are bettering the world!)

That said, we also have less emotional and more physical things that we are looking forward to this year. Remy and Wilder are getting a new bedroom in January, we are getting a new kitchen in March/April, and my brother and his family are moving back to BC! That means we can still go and visit them, my dad, and stepmom every summer. I am looking forward to this new tradition.

Do you have any resolutions? Did you accomplish what you wanted to over this last year? What lessons did you learn? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Have a safe and fun New Years Eve and see you all next year!


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New Years Eve – Wire Crown DIY

IMG.jpgWire Crown:


Wire cutters

IMG_1.jpgStretch the wire to about the length of your arm, then double it.

IMG_2.jpgCut the wire from the rest of the roll. Cut that piece of wire in half.

IMG_3.jpgUse one half of the wire to form the base of a crown. Use the cutters to twist the ends around the crown.

IMG_5.jpg IMG_4.jpgWith the other half of the wire, use the cutters to twist one end around the base of your crown.

IMG_6.jpgStart to form triangles with the wire. Do one at a time and be sure to wrap each end around the crown before beginning the next triangle. Make as many as you can. (Optional- cut another piece of wire in order to add a chin strap.)

IMG_7.jpg IMG_8.jpgIMG_9.jpg
Many of the blogs that I follow show pictures of these whimsical wire crowns. Since they are so simple to make, I was debating whether or not to even post this DIY. However, given that New Years Eve is just days away, I thought that this was probably the only time that I could get away with it! It is, after all, the perfect craft to make for yourself and friends on this festive night. I know that I will definitely be making more if we end up being the hosts of a party. :-)))

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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