i am thirty-six

Tomorrow will mark another year around the sun. It is not lost on me that last year was our last as a family of four, and this will most likely be my last birthday spent pregnant with another child. Soon we will have our third baby here with us, and that is the best present that I could ask for.

Have a wonderful week!


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30 weeks pregnant

I know that I published an update only 2 weeks ago, but I feel as if I have to celebrate this newest milestone in my pregnancy. Our weekly countdown has entered SINGLE DIGITS!!! Woooooooo!!!

Since my last post, baby has started to put on more white fat. She has gone up 1 inch and has gained 1 lb! All in 2 weeks! Her brain is also changing, her lanugo is disappearing, and her bone marrow is now making red blood cells. My darling.

Finally, I had a peek back at my 30 week post the last time that I was pregnant. In it, I compared my first pregnancy with my third (given that my second ended in a miscarriage). I love how I said that at first I only wanted one child, but upon giving birth that number changed to three. That still rings true today, and Geoffrey and I are pretty sure that this third child will be our last natural one- although, we are open to one day fostering children. Anyway, you can have a look back as well.

My due date is officially in 9 weeks and 6 days. Here we go!


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managing those pregnancy cravings

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It’s one of the most common things that people talk about when they are pregnant, or even just when they are asking you about your pregnancy. But pregnancy cravings are commonly misunderstood, and it is actually not often the case that they are all that strange or out there. That being said, this does happen, and if you are keen to try and eat as healthily as possible, you might want to learn how best to manage those pregnancy cravings from the start, as they start to come. Let’s take a look into this in some detail right now.

Understanding Cravings

First of all, it can be helpful to try and learn a little about cravings to help to understand what they are about, why they happen and so on. That in itself is often an important aspect to gaining more control and improving how you approach your own pregnancy cravings, so it is certainly something that you are going to want to think about. Cravings occur most likely because your body is simply desperately trying to nourish the baby, and it probably also has something to do with the fast-changing hormones in your body at the moment. These hormones can make your sense of smell stronger, meaning that food tastes all the more delicious!

Eating A Good Breakfast

One of the simplest ways to help with cravings is to ensure you are eating a good breakfast every day. Eating a hearty, healthy breakfast makes it much less likely that you will have the desire to snack throughout the day, whereas if you skip breakfast you are opening yourself up to more and more cravings as you progress through your day. So it really is important that you are eating a healthy breakfast every morning to try and keep some control over this as best as you can.

Allowing Snacks

Even if you are trying to be the best possible pregnant mother you can be, there is nothing wrong with a very occasional snack and once or twice giving into your cravings. That doesn’t mean that you are a terrible mother, unlike some might have you believe, and it doesn’t mean that you are going to fall down into uncontrollable territory either. If you like, you can cook some home-made snacks to help make them healthier – check out this donut recipe for instance if you are after something sweet.

Gently Exercising

There is a lot to be said for having some gentle exercise when you are pregnant. They say you should get about 30 minutes of exercise a day, so if you can manage that you are doing well. You will find that exercising helps to reduce your need for eating so much, and your cravings are likely to go down because you’ll be regulating your hormones a bit better too. Get some gentle exercise, and you can see how much easier it makes it to keep your cravings at bay every day. This is a simple and effective approach you can take.

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28 weeks / 7 months pregnant / 3rd trimester

Hello, 3rd trimester!! I’m thrilled that you are here. I am feeling as big as a house and am getting more and more excited to meet our newest babe.

In the last few weeks, baby’s skin has been turning pinker. She has been practising smelling with her nose, and for the first time ever, she can now open her eyes! She can also taste now.

She has doubled in weight over the last month and now weighs over 2 lbs. She is around 15” long!

The first set of pictures were taken two weeks ago. Directly above are the ones that were taken when I was pregnant with Wilder. I recycled the same outfit and location for both. How things have changed.


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why you shouldn’t worry about these common pregnancy fears

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster of intense emotions. You’ll experience a lot of joy and a lot of worries. You’ll feel stressed by planning, the body changes, and the endless list of things to do, and the fact that you’re growing a human life inside you. Being pregnant is a high-stakes thing to do, so it’s normal to feel worried about something going wrong. 

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Some of those fears might be warranted, but many of them are not. These are some of the most common fears that pregnant women have, and how much you should really worry about them. If your fears are taking over, it might help to talk to your midwife or a therapist to get better coping tools. If something does go wrong, you may be able to get help from skilled birth injury attorneys

What If I Accidentally Crush My Baby?

Many women feel scared that they will somehow roll onto their stomach while they’re sleeping and accidentally crush the baby. This fear might seem silly, but it’s a common one. 

The Reality

If you usually sleep on your stomach, it is understandable that you will worry about rolling back to that position in the middle of the night. However, the truth is, you can relax. Your body knows how to protect your growing baby. In the early stages of your pregnancy, it’s actually safe to sleep on your stomach. Once your baby, and your stomach, starts to grow, it won’t be comfortable or possible to lie for a long period on your stomach anyway so it’s likely that any changes in position that you make in your sleep won’t be anywhere near long enough to do any harm to your baby.

What If I Ate Something That Will Harm The Baby?

If you’re reading a lot of pregnancy books, you might also be obsessively reading labels to make sure you aren’t eating things like natural cheese or nitrates or too much caffeine. Many pregnant women worry a lot about what they’re consuming and end up over-researching.

The Reality

You will get a lot of advice about things that you should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy, which makes it easy to obsess about everything on your plate. Obviously, it is important to follow the guidelines on what to eat and drink during your pregnancy, but also keep in mind that these lists are made out of caution. Women can get overly worried about making sure they’re doing everything single thing perfectly, when in fact, it’s very unlikely that one mistake will result in any harm to the baby. 

Most warnings are intended to ward off food poisoning, which can cause complications during pregnancy. One of the biggest concerns is listeriosis, a bacterial infection that you can get from eating contaminated cold cuts or hot dogs, but this infection is very rare today. For example, a pregnant woman would need to eat around five million servings of soft cheese before she could get a case of listeria. 

You should avoid problematic foods, such as alcohol, raw meat, raw seafood, and unpasteurized milk and cheese. But if you accidentally ate a piece of unpasteurized brie that you didn’t realize was on your salad, you probably won’t have anything to worry about. 

What If I Lose The Baby?

For most expectant mothers, their biggest fear is a miscarriage. This can be a horrible, constant fear because, at the end of the day, there is nothing much you can do beyond eating healthily and resting to keep your baby safe and healthy. Every moment that you’re still pregnant can make you feel incredibly grateful but doesn’t do anything to ease your fears. 

The Reality

It is very tough to handle the often all-too-real fear of experiencing a loss. Your worries are a natural part of being human and it’s normal and okay to feel worried about it, especially if you or someone you know has been through a miscarriage before. Unfortunately, a loss like this is something that you can’t control or prevent if it’s going to happen. If it does happen to you, remember that you are not alone.

It’s important to know the states. An estimated 1 in 10 clinically recognized pregnancies ends in early loss, with around 80 percent of those losses happening during the first 12 weeks. Bu the time you reach your second trimester, the risk drops to less than 1 percent. So if you have made it past the 14-week milestone, you can probably relax.

** This was a contributed post.

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