in september

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.57.34 AMWhat. A. Month. It’s not surprising that Kinfolk‘s latest issue also centres around family because in September, I experienced a lot of it. 

BabyTo begin (or really end the month), my sister had her fifth child on September 29! This is her second son, and what is even more special is that she now shares a birthday with her newest addition. Can we say best birthday gift ever?

Baby Anouncement 6Speaking of babies, at the beginning of the month I had announced that my husband and I were having our first child! I published its first sonogram photo and explained why I my blog posts were diminishing over the last few months. Later on, I gave you guys a 16 week update on my bundle of joy/morning sickness. Tomorrow I will be 18 weeks!

il_fullxfull.571562058_13vjThere were no shortage of fashion posts in September. I showed you my cute new cellphone case, and published a post on all canine-related Etsy items. Last but not least, you were able to see what is now available in the store.

Golden Hour 3There was some discussion regarding photography. I began by discussing the best time to take photographs outdoors. This is ultimately known as the Golden Hour. I also told you why I prefer film over digital prints in this post here.

Carrot and Potato Soup - 2There were a total of three DIYs this month. I had a recipe for Potato and Carrot Soup, a Side Table Terrarium from A Beautiful Mess, and finally a Polaroid Display

IMG_0090Finally, Geoffrey and I ended up going to three movies in September! First we saw No Escape, which I would give 7/10. The next movie was Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (8/10). We saved the best for last, and went to The Gift (10/10) on the evening of the lunar eclipse. I highly recommend the latter film!

Jan Lake Lodge - Trip 2Enjoy your weekend, and the first day in October. I personally consider this to be my favourite month of the year!!



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in september.

Leaf.jpgIs anyone else on the same page with me when I say that each month just seems to fly by? As I predicted in August, September was a very hectic month for me. Let’s recap what exactly happened:

PTPI revealed to you guys that I was starting up my own vintage, handmade, and clothing store. With only a few days from the grand opening, I am still hurriedly trying to get last minute details together.

1.jpgThis month I introduced you to one new, one recycled, and one recipe from a lovely guest blogger. The theme this month was apparently sweet treats, but would you really expect anything else during the end of a long, hot summer?

11.jpgWe went on a small road trip where I visited my first antique mall. I bought many amazing vintage items, most of which are now available in my store. We also took Holly and Truman along with us, and made it a proper family vacation. :-)

DSC_0667I reviewed yet another dream cabin of mine, and showed you my inspiration for our mudroom and living room.

10.jpgI finally revealed the progress of The Little Barn, which admittedly was long overdue. It’s by far my favourite (and only) house we’ve ever built.

tom-hardy-with-pup-on-new-film-animal-rescue-1I reviewed a hit song and offered another version of it, an incredibly good movie starring Tom Hardy, and most recently, this film.

4.jpgI discussed what it was really like living on an acreage, and then scheduled a photo shoot with our pet family in the countryside.

9.jpgWe also had a flower-inspired shoot here.

5.jpgLast, but not least, this was my latest, and one of my cutest, DIY posts.

1.jpgSee you in October!



hey there, lefty

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.36.07 PMYesterday was my mum’s birthday. You know, the woman that comments almost daily on my blog and never fails to offer her infinite wisdom to me and my readers? It was also the day that I decided to crack open Issue 13 of Kinfolk Magazine, otherwise known as The Imperfect Issue

This issue read much differently than other Kinfolk issues. It was filled with arbitrary knowledge, the history of mistakes, and many, many twins. It began with a quote by Leonard Cohen (a rather brilliant quote about imperfection), and ended with an article on left-handedness. My mum is left-handed, and so I immediately thought of her when I saw and subsequently read the article. Not just because it was her birthday, but because she, too, is awesome and unique.

This post is for my mum.



“There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.”

– Leonard Cohen

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.36.23 PMA Letter From Lefty

Dear Mr. Right,

My sincerest apologies in advance if you struggle to read this note, if not for its radical honesty then for the fact that my fountain pen’s ink is smudging across the paper.

As the Thelma to your Louise, I’d like to tell you a little about life on my side of the vertical equator. After all, there are upsides to being a southpaw.

While only one in ten humans is a lefty, there’s a lopsided contingent that has made history. For every left-handed psychopath such as Jack the Ripper or Alexander the Great, there has been a genius counterpart in Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci. Since the end of WWII, more than half of the US presidents have been left-handed – including Obama and Clinton – and there are a disproportionate number of us among Mensa’s ranks. We may be potential sorcerers to the Inuit and cursed to the Moroccans, but we’re also healers to the Incas and luck-filled to the Zuni.

It’s no surprise that my moniker’s etymology isn’t in my favour either. Why do women never seek Mr. Left? Why does a leader have his right-hand man but the uncoordinated have two left feet? And to expands beyond the Queen’s english: The Italians share one word for both sinister and left, as well as treacherous and left-handed, and the word for clumsy in German refers to us too. Even the term ambidextrous comes from the Latin word “to be right on both sides.” I’ll never win.

Everything in this world that was built for your palms is a challenge we must surmount. Scissors that don’t cut. Can openers that don’t open. Computer mice that don’t click. Power tools that risk accidental catastrophic hemorrhages. We knock elbows when eating at tables and poke eyes with bows when playing in orchestras. Even the humble handshake is in your favour.

However, there are aspects of life where we do have an advantage. The left side of the body is controlled bu the right side of the brain, but we use the left’s neurons more on a day-to-day basis. Because of this daily communication, it means we form stronger neural pathways between the hemispheres, making us quicker decision makers, faster processors and better multitasks. And it goes beyond the cranial too: With 3,400 words to be typed solely using the left hand versus 450 words with the right, we’re faster typists. We don’t have to swap our forks to our eating hand when cutting up and consuming dinner. With our proclivity to choose the left line over the right, we spend less time standing in lines by default (even Disneyland officials say so). We adapt to seeing underwater more clearly. We’re less likely to get arthritis or ulcers.

But quirkiness aside, shall I tell you what’s ultimately in our favour? Evolution.

If we were really at a disadvantage, Darwin’s theory of natural selection would have cast us off eons ago. But here we still are. And why? Combat. That’s correct – if it came down to you and me in a fight fight, evolution has determined that I’ll always have the slightest advantage. When you were growing up as a Neanderthal more than 400,000 years ago, you became more acquainted with duelling with right-handers. So when a lefty suddenly jumped out of a cave and confronted your tribe, each jab we threw came at a surprising angle and gave us the proverbial upper hand. It’s what makes us better baseball batters and Olympic fencers, and it’s the reason nature has deemed us worthy of biological selection. In the long term, it is I who will reign.

So what do you say, Mr. Right? Can we shake on this?



by Georgia Frances King

labour day.


today is labour day!!!

no, it is not a national holiday to celebrate birth, it is a day to celebrate worker’s rights. or, for us canadians, a day that signifies the last long weekend of the summer. or, in our case, an excuse to have the day off and watch a beautiful firework display! either way, everybody wins. :-)))

have a wonderful labour day everyone!


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